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Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Supreme Power of SAI's Name

To worship SAI, we need some articles of worship and a clean place. Nothing will bar one from chanting SAI's Name in one's mind. One need not loudly chant the name of "Sai". It is enough if we remember Him in the heart. The repetition of SAI's name is a very powerful practice. By repeating SAI's name, a humble cowherd girl could cross an over-flowing river. The soul-felt chanting of the divine name will make SAI dwell in the devotee's heart. One who constantly and fervently chant SAI's name will be turned into an ocean of virtues. Name is like a seed. On sowing it in the soil of human heart, its roots would sink deep and wider and grow into a huge tree. Gradually, the tree absorbs the power of SAI and turns into a wish-fulfilling tree. A devotee who habitually chants the name of SAI will get absorbed in SAI's Love and experience the unalloyed bliss.Just as a father feels delighted to see his children grow up to his stature, so also SAI makes Himself a captive in the heart of a devotee whose mind always dwells in SAI. Let us make the chanting of Sai Name, God who descended to Shirdi, to save mankind from the mire of sins in the Kaliyuga, the very life-breath of our lives. Wherever and in whatever work we are engaged, in our mind we must constantly chant His Name and undertake works meant for universal welfare


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