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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shri SAI Babas holy Paduka given to Dr. Zaveri of Pune.

Shri SAI Babas holy Paduka given to Dr. Zaveri of Pune. Mr. Raikar resident of Mumbai visited shirdi and stayed with Baba in Mash d for 7 days (few years before Babas mahasamadhi). In those 7 days he had lot of experiences and saw some unique miracles by Baba when he was slpne with Baba in night. Later he turned in to great devotee and when leaving Shirdi Babs gave him one cloth having his foot prints and said to him that after 20 years of My Samadhi there will be a person whom you will meet in your life. You have to give this cloth along with a guru mantra that I am going to give u now and said a guru mantra in his ear. Baba also told him that you will forget this mantra until you meet that person. He clearly made a sketch of hand with a fish on palm and said to Raikar that you have to identify the person with same hand impression and give this cloth and mantra yo him. Also ask that person to make 2 SST of Paduka one of stone and other of Peetal and do place the cloth I gave to u near to Paduka and chant Guru mantra daily for 36 years. Raikar agreed and SAS eager to meet such person. During his last few days Raikar admitted to one hospital on Mumbai and met Dr. Zaveri and while seeing his hand(as he was famous for palm reading which Baba taught him for his living) while seeing Dr. Zaveri hand he realized that he is same person and showed him the palm sketch given by Baba to him which was having fish and exactly same. Dr. Zaveri was suprised but still did not believed. Then Shri Raikar said two other near happenings as told by Baba to him. When same situation occurred as told by Shri Raikar. Zaveri believed him and meet him. Mr. Raikar has given the holy cloth having Babas footprint and gurumsntrs yo him. After that Raikar breathed last and his rituals were done by Mr. Zaveri. As Raikar has no relatives. Then Dr. Zaveri did made two set of padukas using Babas footprint from holy cloth as directed by Baba and placed cloths on paduka and started guru mantra chanting and meditation. When he opened eyes cloth disappeared and looked like it is merged in Padukas only. After that as per direction by Baba to Raikar he did chanted guru mantra daily during midnight . he will woke up and chant the guru mantra. After doing this service for 36 years continuously for every single day without mossing he opened the same for darshan to everyone as directed by Baba to Mr. Raikar. This paduka is very holy and during Pooja Zaveri has seen many miracles including increasing length of Garlend which was placed on Babas photo till it covers paduka also. Shree's holy paduka is available for darshan and abhhishek St his Pune clinic. With Babas grace and Vinny Chilturi guidance and great help from my Gurubhai Rahul I got blessed by darshan of holy Paduka. Also there is book available free of cost in Marathi and Hindi which describes this in detail and day by day activity and miracles of Baba during Mr. Raikars stay with Baba for twenty one days in Shirdi. Book name is "WO sunahare 21 din" a must read to understand Babas few unique miracles. I visited last weekend along with family and other SaI bandhu. Love sai live in SAI

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  1. om sai ram. Can you please mention the address where the padukas are located? I am resident of Hyderabad. Thanks for sharing such a memorable experience. My email id is