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Monday, January 28, 2013

108 Names of Baba with Meaning -

Sri Sai Baba Astottharasatha Namavalih 
Composer Pujaya Sri Narasimha Swamiji


1. Om Sainathaya Namaha

Obeisance to Sri Sainatha, Lord of this universe.

2. Om Lakshminarayanaya Namaha

Who has the wondrous form of Lakshmee Narayana .
3 Om krsnaramasivamaruthyadhi rupaya namaha

Who appears in the divine forms of Lord Krishna, Rama, Shiva 
and Anjaneya

4. Om seshasaine namaha

Who has His yogic sleep on Adhisesha.

5. Om Godhavarithatasirdi vasine namaha

Who has taken shirdi the village situated on the bank of Godavari as 
His earthly abode.

6. Om Bhakthahrudhalayaya namaha

Who is Seated in His devotees hearts which are as holy as temples

7. Om Sarvahrunnilayaya namaha

Who is the universal self in the hearts of all beings.

8. Om Bhuthavasaya namaha

Who abides in the hearts of all both animate and inanimate.

9. Om Bhuthabhavishyadhbhava varjithaya namaha

who removes all evil thoughts of past present and future

10. Om Kalathithaya namaha

Who is the eternal time and greater than the dutiful and munificent, kala.

11. Om Kalaya namaha

Who is the impartial kala, the all destroying Death

12. Om Kala kalaya namaha

Who subdues even the all powerful kala or yama

13. Om Kaladharpadhamanaya namaha

Who puts down the pride of kala, the eternal time-spirit

14. Om Mruthyunjayaya namaha

Who has vanquished mruthyu or yama and who is none other than 
Mruthyumjai, Lord Siva

15. Om Amarthyaya namaha

Who is immortal, eternal and imperishable Brahman
16 Om marthyabhaya pradaya namaha

Who removes fear and grants 'Abaya' or assurance of protection to His 
devotees at the time of death.

17. Om Jivadharaya namaha

who is the bestower of abundant life energy to all 

18. Om Sarvadharaya namaha

who is the source of all power.

19. Om Bhakthavanasamarthaya namaha

who is competent and all powerful in protecting His devotees

20. Om Bhakthavana prathijnaya namaha

Who has taken the promise of protecting His devotees.

21. Om Annavasthradhaya namaha

who always provides His children with food and clothes.

22. Om Arogyakshemadhdya namaha

who takes care of the good mental and physical health of His devotees 
and offers them supreme bliss.

23. Om Dhanamangalya pradhaya namaha

who pours wealth and auspices in abundant

24. Om Ruddhi siddhidhaya namaha 

who offers success, prosperity, affluence and helps in the accomplishment 
of everything by removing all obstacles.

25. Om Puthramithra kalathra bandhudhaya namaha 

who grants the blessings of good progeny, friends wife and relatives.

26. Om Yoga kshema vahaya namaha

who bears the burden of His devotees and frees them from grief and takes 
care of their welfare.

27. Om Apadhbandhavaya namaha

who is our only kinsman in times of troubles and distress.

28. Om Margabandhave namaha

who is our only guide in our life journey

29. Om Bhukthimukthi svargapavargadhaya namaha 

who bestows wealth, everlasting bliss and eternal state (Heaven) to us.

30. Om Priyaya namaha 

who is extremely dear to us.

31. Om Prithivardhanaya namaha

who increases our devotion to God

32. Om Antharyamine namaha 

who is. Antharyamin or the indwelling soul in us dispelling the 
darkness of ignornance

33. Om Sacchidhathmane namaha

who is sat, chit and Anandha or eternal bliss.

34. Om Nityanandhdya namaha

who is always drowned in eternal bliss.

35. Om Paramasukhadhaya namaha

Who offers His devotees, the supreme bliss that is mukthi or freedom 
from the cycles of birth and death.

36. Om Parameswaraya namaha

who is none other than the great siva, parameswara.

37. Om Para brahmane namaha

Who is Brahma Swaroopa pervading the entire universe.

38. Om Paramathmane namaha

Who is the divine purusha paramartha, the supreme God pervading 
the whole universe.

39. Om Jnanasvarupine namaha 

who is jnana or wisdom incarnate.

40. Om Jagathaha pithre namaha

who is our universal father

41. Om Bhakthanam mathrudhathrupithamahaya namaha

Who is the dear mother, father and grand father to all His devotees.

42. Om Bhaktha abhaya pradhaya namaha

who gives refuge to all who surrender to Him

43. Om Bhakthaparadhinaya namaha

who is the slave of His devotees

44. Om Bhakthanugrahakatharaya namaha

who safeguards His devotees in distress and pours blessings.

45. Om Saranagathavathsalaya namaha

who pours affection on people who surrender themselves to Him seeking 
His refuge.

46. Om Bhakthisakthipradhaya namaha

who offers devotion and mental power and strength in abundent.

47. Om Jnanavairagyadhaya namaha

who bestows divine wisdom, (gnana) and self control (vairagya) upon 
His devotees

48. Om Prema pradhaya namaha 

who showers selfless love on all His devotees

49. Om Samsaya hrudhaya dhaurbhalya papakarma vasana
kshayakaraya namaha 

who completely removes the low desire of constant doubting, lust and other unwanted desires characteristic of weak hearts.

50. Om Hrudhayagranthibhedhakaya namaha 

who removes the illusion 'the body is the self '.

51. Om Karmadhvamsine namaha 

who destroys our sins accumulated as a result of our evil activities.

52. Om Sudhdhasatthvasthithaya namaha

who has chosen pure and tranquil hearts as His abode.

53. Om Gunathitha gunathmane namaha 

who possesses all superior and good virtues.

54. Om Ananthakalyana Gunaya namaha 

who possesses all auspicious traits in abundance

55. Om Amitha parakramaya namaha

who possesses immeasurable valour

56. Om Jayine namaha 

who is always victorious

57. Om Dhurdharsha kshobhyaya Namaha

who removes all calamities of His devotees

58. Om Aparajithaya namaha

who can never be vanquished

59. Om Thrilokeshu Avighathagathaye namaha

Who can freely go around all the three worlds unobstructed

60. Om Asakyarahithaya namaha

who can execute everything perfectly and nothing is impossible for Him.

61. Om Sarvasakthi murthaye namaha 

who is the personification of all kinds of powers.
62 Om Surupa sundharaya namaha 

who is graceful and dignified in appearance

63. Om Sulochanaya namaha

whose eyes are attractive, beautiful and impressive

64. Om Bhahurupa viswamurthaye namaha

who takes multifarious divine forms and who can also appear 
as universal being.

65. Om Arupavyakthaya namaha

Who is all pervading and has no definite form and whose glory 
cannot be delineated

66. Om Achinthyaya namaha

who has an infinite form which is beyond our conception

67. Om Sukshmaya namaha

who is found even in the smallest creatures like ants and flies.

68. Om Sarvantharyamine namaha

who is present in all beings.

69. Om Manovagathithiya namaha

Who has extraordinary or remarkable power of speech and thought.

70. Om Premamurthaye namaha 

who is the very personification of pure love.
71. Om Sulabhadhurlabhaya namaha

who is easy of access to devotees and hard to be seen by sinners

72. Om Asahaya sahayaya namaha

who readily extends His help to the helpless.

73. Om Anathanatha dhina bandhave namaha

who remains the close relative of both distressed and afflicted people.

74. Om Sarvabharabhruthe namaha

who bears the burden of protecting His devotees

75. Om Akarmanekakarma sukarmine namaha

who seems to be not doing anything but continuously involved 
in actions.

76. Om Punya sravana kirthanaya namaha

whose sacred name is worthy of being sung and to be listened to

77. Om Thirthaya namaha 

who is in the form of all sacred rivers.

78. Om Vasudevaya namaha

Who is none other than Vasudeva or Lord krishna.

79. Om Satham gathaye namaha 

Who is always the refuge of all.

80. Om Sath parayanaya namaha

who possessed all the merits of being worshipped by good people.

81. Om Lokanathaya namaha 

who is the Lord of this universe

82. Om Pavananaghaya namaha 

Who possesses the most sacred form.

83. Om Amruthamsave namaha

who is as sweet as nectar

84. Bhaskara Prabhaya namaha 

who has the lustre and brilliance of the sun.

85. Om Brahmacharya thapascharyadhi suvrathaya namaha

who follows strictly the austerities of a bachelor .
86 Om Sathya dharma parayanaya namaha 

who always treads on the path of righteousness and truth.

87. Om Sidhdhesvaraya namaha

who is the master of all eight sidhis or superhuman faculties like anima, 
legima etc.,

88. Om Siddha sankalpaya namaha

who executes His wishes perfectly and in no time.

89. Om Yogesvaraya namaha

who is the head of all yogis or ascetics

90. Om Bhagavathe namaha 

who is the supreme Lord of the universe

91. Om Bhaktha vathsalaya namaha 

who is fond of his devotees.

92. Om Satpurushaya namaha

who is eternal, unmanifest, supreme purusha 

93. Om Prusothtamaya namaha

who is the highest and supreme being. 

94. Om Satha thatthva bhodhakaya namaha

who preaches the true principles of truth and reality.

95. Om Kamddhishad vairi dhvamsine namaha

who has vanquished six internal enemies kama, krodha, Loba, moha,
mada and mathsarya.

96. Om Abhedhanandhanubhava pradhaya namaha 

who grants the bliss of realisation of the one absolute

97. Om Samasarvamathasammathaya namaha

who is well pleased with all doctrines of philosophy and all religions

98. Om Sree dakshinamurthaye namaha

Who is Lord Dakshinamoorthy, the guru of all gurus,

99. Om Venkatesaramanaya namaha

who is Lord Venkateswara of Thirupathy

100. Om Adhbhuthananthacharyaya namaha

who is always wandering through the wonderous land of supreme bliss.
101. Om Prapannarthiharaya namaha 

who removes the difficulties of His devotees

102. Samsara sarva duhkha kshayakaraya namaha 

who sweeps away the grief accumulated in this worldly life.

103. Om Sarvavith sarvatho mukhaya namaha

who is the knower of everything and who has faces in every direction

104. Om Sarvantharbhahisthithaya namaha

Who resides in the heart of His devotees and also found outside 
and everywhere.

105. Om Sarvamangalakaraya namaha

Who is always doing good and auspicious for the welfare of His devotees.

106. Om Sarvabhishtapradhaya namaha 

who fulfills the genuine wishes of his devotees

107. Om Samarasa sanmarga sthapanaya namaha 

who has established unity and good will among all people

108. Om Samartha sadguru sayi nathaya namaha

who is samartha sadguru, the dearest of all gurus who takes care of 
both our worldly life and life after.


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