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Saturday, July 25, 2015

How can we lead a blessed life?

How can we lead a blessed life? Though your body may be inactive, your mind will be very busy, committing acts on its own. People with such minds fall prey to fate or karmic consequences easily! When one has the mind fixed on contemplation of God and the pursuit of truth, though the body and senses do acts that are of service to the world, they won’t be affected by karma; though they do actions, they are free from the fruits of the action. This is the lesson from Bhagavad Gita. The heart of the person who doesn’t strive to cultivate the mind with holy thoughts is definitely the paradise of evil and wickedness. Bear this in your mind: Until you see Divinity in everyone and everywhere, continue to meditate and repeat the Lord’s name. Also, devote your time to the service of the world, regardless of the fruits thereof. Carry on this until your mind is free from the waves of feelings and is full of Divinity. Then you will become blessed. If you take one step towards Me, I take hundred steps towards you. - Baba


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