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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Why do we suffer?

Why do we suffer? God or His Name is the sole strength in living against all odds and uncertainties. If one is not at cross purposes with Him, one finds His manifestation in every happening. But, one has to bear with patience the onrush of the forces one has let loose. Yoke yourself unto Him and He will bear the brunt. Take refuge in none but Him. Dependence on Him makes one fearless. Human beings will enjoy three-fourths of life and one-fourth they will suffer. But, we lose our patience and do not accept even that one-fourth of sorrows given by Him. Do not be obsessed with any wish. Shake off sadness. Unhappiness is part of the ego. Beyond it, no such thing exists. That you have forgotten Truth (that God is within) is the root cause of your misery. A painful blow becomes bearable to a great extent by His remembrance. As He inflicts blows on you, so also He gives you the capacity for bearing the suffering. As one tolerates unbearable situations with patience, a time comes when He resolves all problems. Whenever you have tumults in mind, try to remember this very often. You can do this. The key is with Him. Truth wins. He is your shield. Destiny still comes but He eases the suffering. When you have the shelter of Satyanarayan (God within), He will test you in various ways. Your duty is not to get agitated when these sorts of events hurt you. There is a saying of Baba, "You look to Me, I look to you. Even then, if they do not leave Me and still seek Me, I then become their humble servant." Om Sairam


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