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Friday, August 23, 2013

Sri SAI TV, a web channel

Aum Samarasa Sanmarga Sthapanaya Namah
With HIS Grace constantly flowing upon all of us, we are pleased to inform
you that SAI made us to initiate necessary steps to launch a satellite
channel in the name & nomenclature of Sri SAI TV, a web channel is already
launched on & from Guru Purnima & Sri SAI TV is moving towards launching
as Satellite Channel & as ordained by our Chairman Sadguru Sai Nath
Maharaj, on & from Sree Rama Navami next.
Sri Saileela Broadcasting Private Limited is promoted in the month of Feb
this year with an objective to launch Sri Sai TV with Smt. Sai Vahini as
Managing Director, Sri Sai Anil Kumar Rapaka as Executive Director & of
course the Chair Person is Sadguru Sainath Maharaj. One can invest in
the SSLBPL on application for minimum 1100 shares to 99000 shares maximum
in the said company, the value of each share is Rs. 10/ (Rupees Ten)only.
Though the requirement of Share Capital is not commensurate with the
number of shares offered to each shareholder, we are of the opinion that
this channel should be financed, run & maintained by SAI Devotees, for SAI
Devotees & this channel is of SAI Devotees only.
Share certificates will be issued to the share holders by SSLBPL as per
the provisions of Registrar of Companies in force.
The Satellite channel will be launched in Telugu at first instance & later
in Marathi, Hindi, Odia, & other languages
For obtaining the application for shares a request letter may be sent to
the address given below:
Sri Saileela Broadcasting Private Limited
Regd Office: 14-1-9068, Flat No: 201, Gayatri Nagar
Borabanda, Hyderabad - 500 018, India
Any further information on the above can be had from Anil 9505794567,
9848614440, Sai 917826549, 9439954093 or simply sms to any of the above numbers or you can mail your query to,


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