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Friday, October 9, 2015

The Power of “Om Sai Ram”

The Power of “Om Sai Ram”
When we utter the three words, “Om Sai Ram”; it brings a complete power of positivity into our life, though for a moment, but we feel intensely placated and pacified with a ray of hope for the goodness. Enchanting these sacred terms sub-consciously will make us audacious towards every problems and goals in life, we cannot expect our problems to eradicate but the support and presence of baba in our life can make us ferry the ocean in a merely better manner.
For people who are going through a tough time in life, no matter what it maybe, mark my words only the favorite students of baba get to face the problems, please remember, bad phase is not forever, because only after the darkest hours of night comes the dawn, plus, the best part of your life has not happened yet, hence, stay calm and remember baba.
Why fear when baba is there?
Why to worry if you have surrendered yourself to him? Will he let his children suffer? Will he let anything bad happen to you? The saint is standing by our side forever and always, if we fall, we will rise again since he is there to give his hands for support. Resist the sources of negativity in your life, stay happy, try to do a little good every day, keep smiling, n always remember him before going to sleep. You would feel your life ameliorated gradually.
This doesn’t mean your problems will lessen, but you won’t see them as problems anymore. You will get courage to overcome all obstacles easily.
The three terms mentioned above, will give you the calmness that is experienced, not spoken about, it has the power, to make you strong and bring limitless joy into your life.
May baba bless everyone reading this and I seek his presence and guidance in our life forever.
Om Sai Ram.
I wish all of you realize the power of chanting “Om Sai Ram” and remember Sai few minutes everyday.
Om Sairam...


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