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Saturday, October 10, 2015

nvisible Baba.

Invisible Baba. The below Photograph was taken by a devotee named Gopal Dinakar Joshi in the year 1912. Every morning after breakfast, Baba went to Lendi Baugh. The devotees stayed in Sathe Wada would eagerly wait for Baba and the procession to approach the corner in front of the Wada, so that they could have his darshan. Baba responded to their wishes by standing there for a while.Joshi wanted to take a photograph of Baba. He kept his camera mounted and ready for Baba to return from Lendi Baugh. Before doing this he asked Baba for permission to take his photograph. Baba said, “I don’t want a photograph of mine, but you can certainly take a photograph of the devotees accompanying me”. Upon Baba’s return from Lendi Baugh, he stood a while near Sathe Wada. Joshi seized the opportunity and took a photograph of Baba. Shama saw this and told Baba that Joshi had taken his photograph. Again Baba repeated the same saying “I don’t need any photograph of mine. What am I to do?”.Joshi got the photograph printed and to his utter surprise, Baba is not visible, and only his feet can be seen. The Umbrella, Bhagoji Shinde and the other devotees are clearly seen but in place of Baba there is a luminous light and only his feet can be seen. Source: Ambrosia in Shirdi & Baba’s Gurukul by Vinny Chitluri


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