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Sunday, October 25, 2015


To save the sinners, You came to Shirdi;
Pouring Water into earthen lamps You made them burn!
(Shree Sainatha Sthavana Manjaree ovi 99)
As time passed by the number of Sainath's followers began to increase. With this the number of people who laughed at Him also increased. Oil is required for lighting of lamps.Every evening Baba used to beg for oil from the grocers. The grocers were fed up with giving oil to Baba. One day they all decided to refuse to give Baba oil. On that day when Baba went to ask for oil, He did not receive even a drop of oil. Empty handed Sai Nath came back to the Dwarakamai & sat quietly at the steps of Maszid. The grocers were watching with amusement as to what he would do without oil. Those fools were unware that there could not be any scarcity of oil in Lord Krishna's Dwarakamai where the Almighty (Vishnu, the creator of the Universe) Himself was residing.
It was evening. Baba picked up the tumbler from the parapet of the mosque. In it there a just a drop or two of oil, which was barely sufficient even to light an evening lamp. he then poured water in that oil & drank it up, offering it in this way to God. He then took pure water & poured it into the earthen lamps to wet the wicks & lighting them up, showed how the lamps could burn brightly even without oil. Seeing the water thus kindled into a flame, the grocers were astounded & felt sorry for not giving oil to Baba.
Without a trace of oil, the lamps burnt all night. Hearing this marvellous news people in groups flocked to Dwarakamai to have a glimpse of it.
Extract from Shri Shirdi Sai Baba, The Saviour - English Translation of Marathi Book Nirvanicha Sakha by Sai's contemporary Late Vaman Ranganath Gokhale by Dr. Rabinder Nath Kakarya, Sterling Paperbacks.
Why baba did this miracle of "Lighting lamps with water".
Is it to prove shirdi people that he has such powers and surprise them for one single days pleasure ?
Is it because he wants to teach a lesson to the shop keepers who denied to sell oil to him ?
Is it because he wants to do such magic and convince devotees that this shirdi sai is capable of everything ?
Not at all.
Then Why?
Let us have Saboori to know.


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