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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


After visiting Kushalchand's home Baba walked towards the cart which was parked on the opposite bank of the river. Vamanrao followed Baba, then Baba said, "Vamanya! walk directly behind Me, & put your arms around my waist, and walk like a horse." Immediately Vamanrao followed Baba's orders, & stood directly behind him & wrapped his arms around Baba's waist. As Baba started walking Vamanrao followed him bending forward & walked like a horse. Upon taking a few steps Vamanrao saw a body of a fakir lying at Baba's feet. It was a dead body & was wrapped in a green coloured shroud that swathed his body from head to toe. Seeing the dead body Vamanrao felt sure that Baba had slain some demonic fakir. This reminded him of the leelas of Lord Sri Krishna, who on the pretext of taking the cattle to pastures would slain many demons. At that time Dixit & Narvekar were also present but strangely they had not seen this scent. Then Baba said, "You should leave this place now & return to Mumbai as this fakir has killed Radha Krishna Mai. Look, here is corpse, lying at My Feet." As soon as Vamanrao reached Shirdi his friend Vainkuntbhai was waiting for him. He had come to take him to Mumbai. Thus both of them left for Mumbai. About three weeks later Vamanrao heard that Mai had passed away.
Vamanrao states that Dixit said, "Mai's Avatar is finished," that is, Mai;s spiritual mission on earth was accomplished. Hence her sojourn on earth had ended & she merged with the Parabrahma. Baba had created Mai with His Maya, hence He had total entitlement over her coming & going. Thus when her work was done, she offered her atma (Atma Samarpan) or self to her Lord.
About Mai's passing away Rege states, "One day Baba came from Lendi Baugh & went to the Dwaraka Mai. At that time Mother had just finished washing the floor of the Masjid & was in a trance. Baba stroked her back & asked her not to worry. Two months after this incident, Mother passed away. I went to Shirdi not knowing where I would stay. I went straight to the Masjid, Baba told me to go to Dixit Wada & stay there. Shama & many other devotees offered me condolences. Baba called and asked us about the conversation. The Master said, "What do these fools know? She was your mother & Mine. She wanted to be free from her karma & I gave her my assurance. One night she came to Me & said she could not wait anymore & got in here....(Baba lifted up His Kafni & pointed to His Heart). You will see her here whenever you desire." My Divine Mother is merged in the Master. Let people in their own way imagine what they will. I cannot forget what I owe her. Shri Mhalsapati & Shri H.S.Dixit had had great reverence for her, & I feel I am in good company.
Mai through her dedication & hadwork made Baba's Sansthan into what it is today. Now the devotees of Shri Sai Baba can behold the spendour of the Palkhi & Rath procession. (Ref: Sainathne Sharane written by Swamy Sai Sharanand & translated into Marathi by V.B.Kher)
A Divine Journey with Baba by Vinny Chitluri (pp. 155, 156) Sterlings.


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