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Friday, September 18, 2015

The Pandharpur Pleader.

Bow To Shri Sai - Peace 
This story showing Baba's omniscience and His using it for correcting people and setting them on the right path. Once a Pleader from Pandharpur came to Shirdi went to Masjid, saw Sai Baba felt His feet and without being asked offer some Dakshina, and sat in a corner,eager to hear the talk,that was going on. Then Baba turned His face towards him and said " How cunning the people are ! they fall at the feet offer Dakshina but inwardly gives abuses behind the back, is not this wonderful?" This cap (remark) fitted the Pleader and he had to wear (take it ) . None understand the remark. The Pleader grasped it; but kept silent. When they returned to the wada the Pleader said to the Kakasaheb Dixit " what Baba remarked was perfectly right.The dart (remark) was aimed at me, it was a hint to me , that I should not indulge in reviling or scandalizing others(calling by names) only when the sub judge or munsif of Pandharpur (Mr Noolkar) came and stayed here for the improvement of his health, a discussions about this matter was going on in the bar -room at Pandharpur(as it ever happens in many a bar -rooms) it was said or discussed there,whether the ailments, from which the sub- judge suffered were, ever likely to be got rid of without medicines, by merely going after Sai Baba and whether it was proper for an educated man, like the sub - judge, to have recourse to such methods. The sub -judge was taken to task ie. he was criticised, as also Sai Baba . I Also took some part in this affair; and now Sai Baba showed the impropriety of my conduct. This is not a rebuke to me; but a favour and advice that I should not indulge in any scandal or slander of others; and not interfere unnecessarily in other's affairs"
Shirdi is about 500 KMS away from Pandharpur; still Baba by His omniscience, knew what transpired there in thr bar-room. The intervening places- rivers , jungles and mountains- were not a bar to His all perceiving sight; and He could see or read the hearts of all and there was nothing secret or veiled from Him. Everything far or near, was plain and clear to Him as broad as daylight. Let a man be far or near, he can not avoid the all - pervading gaze of Sai Baba . From this incident the Pleader took the lesson that, he should never speak ill of others, or unnecessarily criticize them. Thus his evil tendency was completely got rid of and he was set in tbe right path
Though the story refers to a Pleader, still it is applicable to all. All should therefore take this lesson to heart and profit thereby.

Sai Baba's Greatness is unfathomable,so are His wonderful Leelas. His Life is also such; for He is Para - Brahma Incarnate.Be To All


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