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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Shri Sai Baba Archana (108 Names)

11. Aum Kaalaaya Namah!
Prostrations to Him, Who is impartial Kala, the all destroying Death!
(Chanting this Nama 108 times everyday diminishes the fear of death).

12. Aum Kaala kaalaaya Namah!
Prostrations to Him, Who subdues even the All Powerful Kaala or Yama! 
No being on earth refuse the power of Kaala or Yama. But BABA stopped the death of Ramachandra Patil. He stopped & pulled the death of Tatya towards Him. When Buti was warned by Dengale on danger to his life, Baba challenged that let us see how the death comes to him.

13. Aum Kaala Darpa Damanaaya Namah!
Prostrations to Him, Who humbles the pride of Kaala, the eternal time spirit i.e. Death.
GK Rege, Tahasildar of Indore & his wife were ardent devotees of Sai. Due to serious illness, their youngest daughter, Prema died in her mother's lap. The couple prayed Sai wholeheartedly. Rege took the girl into his arms & put Ganga water mixed with Baba's UDI into the dead girl's mouth repeatedly. After some time the dead girl came back to life. She was obviously snatched from the jaws of death by Baba's grace. Thus He is Kaala Darpa Damana.

14. Aum Mrutyunjayaaya Namah!
15. Aum Amartyaaya Namah!
Prostrations to Him, Who has conquered Death.
Prostration to Him, Who is Immortal, Eternal & Imperishable. 
(These two Nama could be explained together).
Though walked on earth while in physical form, Sai was always seemed to belong to the extra terrestrial spheres. He took a human form to fulfil a mission & after fulfilling it He passed into eternity to which He always belonged as per Ch 43, 45 Sri Sai Satcharita. He is therefore called rightly Mrutyunjaya.
Thousands of devotees experience the veracity of His 11 Assurances. SAI is even now giving darshan in dreams or in His Subtle Form.

16. Aum Martyaabhaya Pradaaya Namah!
Prostrations to Him, Who is bestower of freedom from the fear of death.
Baba counselled Smt Kulkarni to face the last moments of her husband. Advised Kaka Dixit to accept death as inevitable when his daughter died.
17. Aum Jeevaadhaaraaya Namah!
18. Aum Sarvaadhaaraaya Namah!
These two namas like 14 & 15 should be explained together as both the Namas lay emphasis on Sai being the 'aadhaara' (Support) of animates & inanimates. Nama 17 speaks of Sai being the sustainer of all animate things, i.e all living beings & plant life while Nama 18 describes Sai as the Support of all in the manifested Universes including the galaxies, stars, planets, Solar Systems, comets, subtle elements, living beings, plant lie as well as inanimate objects.
To Satyabhamabai Tarkhad & Lakshmibai Shinde He said He was the dog, to M W Pradham He said He was the crow, to Nana Chandrorkar He said He was ant & as a Bhil quenched his thirst.
Prostrations to Him, Who is the sustainer of All Animates & Inanimates as well.

19. Bhaktaavana Samarthaaya Namah!
Prostrations to Him, Who is ever competent to attend to the welfare of His devotees.
Baba's hand of protection for the welfare of His devotees is evident in many cases. His response to the devotees' call for help is as eager, as ardent & as urgent as the devotees' call itself. He protects His devotees life after life so as to help them to attain eternal peace & bliss.

20. Aum Bhaktaavana Pratijnyaaya Namah!
Prostrations to Him for His Vow of Protection to His devotees.
Baba used to tell His devotees 'You are My children. I am your Father. I have come to take care of you. Sit quiet. UGE MUGHE. I will do the needful. I shall take to the end'. Provided what he wanted to Dasganu, pension to Raghunath Tendulkar were some of the instances. Baba' protection to GS Khaparde, Nana Chadorkar is well known. Why should you fear, when I am here was His assurance even after Maha Samadhi.

Instances of Him making the food more than
 sufficient when the invited guests exceed are recorded in Satcharita.
Under instructions from Sai Purandhare prepared food for 5 fakirs & they came. While taking leave they informed Purandhare that 20 more fakirs would follow. Unrelented Purandhare put some UDI & served.
There was another such incident in 1943 when A B Chogule, a senior Sub Judge & ardent Sai Devotee was saved from the similar situation. Thus Sai is provider of Anna (FOOD) & Vastra (CLOTHING).
On way to My Guide, My Guru & My God's abode, Shirdi.


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