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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shri Sai Baba Archana (108 Names)

Dressed as a Faqir when came to Shirdi with a marriage party nobody knew anything about HIS birth, religion or caste. The priest of Khandoba Temple called him YA SAI. Since then HE is called as SAI, the peace incarnate. Reciting HIS name is as purifying as a dip in the holy Ganges. (Those who wish to have SAI DARSHAN @ Shirdi chants this name constantly surely have HIS DARSHAN @ Shirdi).

2. Aum Shri Lakshmi Narayanaya Namah!
Prostrations TO Him, Who has the wondrous form of Goddess Lakshmi with Lord Narayana.
(Chant this nama everyday to overcome Finance Problems).

3. Aum Krishna Rama Shiva Maruthyadhi Rupaya Namah!
Prostrations to Him, Who appears in the Divine Form of Lord Krishna, Rama, Shiva & Hanuma to prove that He allows worship as desired by devotee.

4. Aum Seshasaine Namah!
Prostrations to Him, Who has His Yogic Sleep on Divine Serpent - Adi Sesha!
(Chanting this Nama 108 times everyday before embarking on any new venture would lead in right path & success).

5. Aum Godhavarithata Shiladii Vaasine Namah!
Prostrations to Him, Who has taken Shirdi near the shores of the Holy river Godavari as His Abode!

6. Aum Bhaktha Hridayalayaya Namah!
Prostrated to Him, Who is seated in heart of HIS devotees, which is as holy as temple.

7. Aum Sarvahrunnilayaya Namah!
Prostration to Him, Who is the Universal Self in all the hearts of all beings.

8. Aum Bhoothaavaasaaya Namah!
Prostrations to Him, Who dwells in all beings - animate & inanimate.

9. Aum Bhootha Bhavishyadhbhava Varjithaya Namah!
Prosrations to Him, Who is bereft of Past, Future & Present.

10. Aum Kaalaatheethaaya Namah.
Prostrations to Him, Who is the eternal time & greater than the dutiful & munificent, Kaala.


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