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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

OM SAI RAM Sai Baba Udi The Best Medication

Anonymous Devotee from India says: My mother is handicapped by birth. She has no fingers in one of her legs. She has always been walking without shoes or socks since her childhood days. She used to be a very confident woman and was earning very well. She underwent an open heart surgery due to some complication and she took voluntary retirement in the year 2000. She has been under medication since then and by Baba’s grace she is fine.

I delivered a baby boy 3 months back. My mom had been long complaining about the swelling in her handicapped leg and one day she found it difficult to even walk. After my mom’s sister forced her to go to the doctor, she went and heard that there has been a serious infection and it had to be operated. After the operation she went for daily dressing. When the wound was about to heal, the doctor again found another place where the infection was spread. Again she opened up the wound and cleared the infection. This was never ending and all of us got majorly worried. She developed complications in few other areas as well. Her doctor had advised her to take scan and said it could possibly affect the heard since she suspected a block in her leg nerve.
I couldn't stand it anymore since she was very upset and she was restricted not to carry the baby and that she had been helpless. I went to Baba temple. Got His Udi and applied it on the painful area. We were very surprised to know the pain had vanished the next morning. The scan report also showed normal results. It does not end here. She developed a very bad swelling on her other leg. Doctor advised my mom to visit her heart surgeon to check if there is any problem is related to heart with a list of tests. I again asked mom to apply Baba's Udi with utmost faith. She applied and kept praying for her recovery soon. In 2 days the Udi miracle worked. The swelling gradually reduced and her heart surgeon said everything is absolutely normal. Udi really had impact on my mom’s recovery. Utmost belief in Sai Ram helped us and we will always love Him and trust Him.


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