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Saturday, February 9, 2013


Sai Vrat book in English
Sai Baba is God.
It is for sure that if a person places his faith in Sai’s holy feet and observes the vrat of 9 Thursdays, all his desires and wishes will be fulfilled and shackles removed. The rules for observing this vrat is given below:
1. This Vrath can be observed by anyone, by persons of any caste or religion.
2. Sincere faith and devotion while observing this Vrat yields miraculous results.
3. This Vrath should be started on a Thursday with a simple prayer to Sai to get the desire and wish fulfilled.
4. On these Nine Thursday, individual who is doing vrat can eat fruit/milk/sweets etc. all day long or can have one meal a day. ONE MUST NOT DO THIS VRAT WITHOUT EATING ANYTHING.
5. If possible, go to SAI BABA’s temple to have SAIBABA’s darshan on these Nine Thursday.
6. At home, do pooja / prayer in the morning or evening. Place a wooden board
Put Yellow Cloth in front of you and place SAI BABA’s Photo or Statue on this cloth. Wash or wipe BABA’s picture with clean water and cloth. Put “tikka (Bindi on the forehead)” with “kumkum” (red powder) on BABA’s face. Offer Him garland or flowers of yellow color. Light a lamp and incense sticks in front of His photo. Meditate and pray to Him, convey your wishes to Him faithfully. Offer Fruit or Sweets to BABA as Naivadhya (Prasad), distribute and partake the consecrated food. Read the book completely and sing SAIBABA’s Aarti.
7. Even if the devotee has to travel to other cities, this worship can be observed.
8. During the 9 Thursdays due to menstrual cycles for ladies or for any other reasons, if you are not able to perform this worship, skip that Thursday and perform this worship in the consecutive Thursday.

Completion of Vrat:
1. On the 9th Thursday, feed 5 poor people according to capacity.
2. To spread the efficacies of this vrat, distribute SaiBaba vrat books to 5 or 11 or more, freely.
3. On 9th thrusday, place these books in puja so that receivers will also be blessed.
By following above rules if the vrat is observed and completed with due formalities, the devotees wishes will certainly be fulfilled by Sai’s grace.

Story behind the Sai Vrat Pooja :

A pios lady named Kokila and her husband Mahesh were living in a city. They had great affection towards each other. But Mahesh’s nature was quarrelsome and had little control over his speech and talking. Neighbors were irritated by his nature. But Kokila was a pious religious lady. She had immense faith in God a nd coped up all troubles patiently.
Slowly her husband’s business went through a rough weather and income was almost nil. Mahesh started staying in house the entire day and his quarrelsome nature worsened.

One afternoon, an aged saint came and stood at the entrance of their home. His face shone with a unique luster. He asked for rice and pulses. The saint blessed her ‘Sai will bless you with happiness’. Kokila replied in frustration that happiness is not in her destiny and narrated him, her entire sorrowful story.

The Saint advised her to observe SaiBaba’s vrat for 9 Thursdays by having fruits, liquids or by taking food only once on Thursday. If possible to visit Shirdi Baba’s Mandir, perform worship at home, complete the vrat with due formalities on 9th Thursday by feeding the poor, distribute Sai Vrat books to 5, 11 or 21 persons according to the devotee’s capacity and thus spread the power of Sai Vrat. This has miraculous effects and is best suited for this kaliyug. It fulfills the innermost wishes of a devotee. But the devotee should have immense faith and devotion towards SaiBaba. Whoever observes this Vrat with due formalities, all his desires will be fulfilled by Baba.

Kokila also took a vow to observe 9 Thursdays vrat and she completed it with all formalities like feeding the poor, distribution of Sai vrat books on 9th Thursday.

The troubles in their house vanished and they were filled with peace and happiness. As Ramesh’s quarrelsome nature also changed for good, his business also picked up, and they prospered and started living happily
One day Kokila’s brother in law and his wife came from Surat and amidst conversation, they told sadly that their children are not studying well and they failed in their examination. Kokila explained to them the power of 9 Thursdays Sai Vrat and she told them that devotion to Sai will enable their children to study well. But faith and patience are very important. Kokila’s sister in law wanted the details about the vrat.

Kokila told her to observe the fast by taking fruits, liquids or have food only once on all 9 Thursdays. Have darshan of Sai in a nearby SaiMandir on all 9 Thursdays.

1. This Vrat can be observed by any man, woman or child, by persons of any caste or religion.
2. Perform Puja to Sai’s photo, offer yellow flowers or garlands, light the lamp, incense sticks and offer naivedya and partake the Prasad with everyone.
3. Read Sai Vrat story, Sai Bhavani, Sai Chalish, etc., the full book respectively.
4. Feed 5 persons on 9th Thursday
5. Distribute Sai vrat books (5, 11 or 21) to neighbours, friends or relatives and other known persons.

After some days, Kokila received a letter from her sister-in-law from Surat stating that her children have started doing the Sai vrat and they have started studying well and she has also observed the vrat and distributed sai vrat books at her office. Regrading this, she had written that her friend Charu’s daughter’s marriage was fixed with a good suitable alliance because of this vrat and one of her neighbour’s jewel box had got lost and after observing Sai vrat, 2 months later she got back her jewel box (sender being unknown). Such wonderful experiences she had narrated in her letter.

Kokila realized the power of Sainath and sai vrat and her devotion towards Sainath strengthened. Oh! Sai! Please bless us and confer us with happiness.


Bless me, Sai! Bless me, Sai!
Bless Thy child Sai
Answer my prayers
Strengthen my devotion
Bless me, Sai! Bless me, Sai!

Remove my sorrows
Shower me with Happiness
Listen to Thy child’s prayer
Bless me, Sai! Bless me, Sai!

Sai is Life, Sai is Prayer
Sai is Kirtan, Sai is Wealth
Sai is Bliss, Sai is Heaven
Bless me, Sai! Bless me, Sai!

Sai is Contentment
Sai is Prace
Sai is god incarnate
Sai is Universe
Sai is mercy, Sai is wisdom
Bless me, Sai! Bless me, Sai!

Sai is Righteousness
Sai is Deliverance
Sai is Duty
Sai is Absolute Reality
Bless me, Sai! Bless me, Sai!

Sai is Christ, Sai is Nanak
Sai is Hindu, Sai is Muslim
Sai is Truth, Sai is Nectar!
Bless me, Sai! Bless me, Sai!

Sai is Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma!
Sai is simple, loving, caring
Sai is Mother, Father, Guru
Sai is Pran, Sai is soul
Bless me, Sai! Bless me, Sai!

Datta Bhavani
Glory to Yogehswar Datta Digamabar; Thou art our protector and savior; Sage Arti and chase Anusuya were mere cause; Thy incarnation is for welfare of the universe; Thou are Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva’s incarnation; Redeemer for those who surrender with devoution; thou are God, knowledge, existence and bliss; thou are glorious sadguru with majestic arms; thy hands hold Zoli like Annapurna’s benevolence; Holy kammandal in thy hands radiates with peace; Described as God with Four, six and numerous hands; Thy powerful shoulder’s might limits to infinite; Oh God! I’ve taken refuge at thy Holy Feet; Digambara! Protect me lest better meet my end! Thou responded to Sahasarjun’s penance; By granting him protection and peace; Thou showered him power, wealth and opulence; Blessed him with liberation and deliverance; Why don’t you listen to my agonizing prayer? Thou are my only solace and savior! Thou accepted Vishnu Sharma’s devotion; Graced him by taking his food-Shraddhman; Jambadhaitya demon attacked Gods of heaven; Thou offered help in a trice with protection; Thou unfurled illusive power to trap the demon; Got him killed by Indra to save the heaven; Thy miraculous deeds are infinite, Oh! Sharva (Shiva), how can I describe all Your miracles (sharva)

Thou saved Ayu’son and wiped his miseries; Blessed and granted him a life free of desires! Sadhyadev, yadu, Prahlad and Parshuram; Thou initiated them to enlightenment and wisdom; Thou grace is immeasurable and endless; Why my calls and prayers are answerless? Don’t leave me halfway and test my patience; Oh! God! Don’t deprive me of your benevolence; Pleased with Ambika’s love and devotion; Thou granted her a boon and became her son; Smarthugami! Savior and Protector in kaliyug! Thou blessed the washer man who was rustic; Thy mercy cured a brahmi’s stomach pain; Thy grace made Vallabesh alive after his slain; Look at me atleast once! Oh! My Lord! Save me, am ignorant of any other abode! Thy grace made dry log of wood sprout with leaves; don’t be negligent towards me and test my cries! Old, pious Ganga got rid of her infertility; thou blessed her with bliss of maternity; Thy grace cured Nandi’s white patches; thou fulfilled all his wishes and desires; Thou made sterile buffalo yield tons of milk; Thy kindness saved him from penurious brink; Thou accepted lima beans as alms; Thou gifted a golden pot in his arms; Thou revived Savitri’s dead husband to life;

Thus wiped widow’s tears and strife; Thou resurrected Gangadhar’s son with life; Thy mercy removes sins of previous life; Haughty madhonmat lost to an illiterate; Bhakta Trivikrama was save by thy might; Bhakta tantuk reached Mount.Shrishaila; Thy feet took him in a trice to Mahadeva; Thou blessed thy devotees taking eight forms; Thou have infinite form and no form; Thou satisfied thy devotees simultaneously; Blest devotees cherished Thy vision joyously; Thou removed yavan king’s painful affliction; Thou art beyond caste, creed, sect and religion; Thy miracles are marvelous and countless; In the incarnation of Ram and Krishna; thou revived and saved animate and inanimate; Blest were stone, hunter, cattle, woman and bird saved; Thy name protects even a sinner who sings falsely; Thy name achieves even a difficult task easily; Thy name (Shiva) is the only remedy; Thy name removes all (sarva) (physical and mental) malady; all evils vanish in a trice on hearing Thy name; Bliss is attained by only singing thy name; Ghosts, witches, evil will disappear instantly; As the hymns of thy name is in air reverberantly; One who sings Datta Bhavani after lighting incense; Is assured of protection by the resplendence; Sincere devotion to thee will bring happiness; Earthly life and heaven will be filled with bliss;

By chanting Datta Bhavani he will master Siddhi; Gain prosperity, will overcome sorrow and poverty; One who sings Datta Bhavani 52 times for 52 weeks; With true love and devotion on 52 Thursdays; Can be certain Yama, Lord of Death will not punish; One who sings daily will get all calamities vanish; Datta digambar is one God but of many forms; Thou stir us away from illusive power of storm; Datta is one God with thousand names; Datta is the holiest of Holy bright as flame; Oh! Datta, I bow to Thee time and again; Vedas are formed from Thy breath; Learned Shesha is unable to praise Thee fully; How can an illiterate like me praise Thee?
Prayers to Thee give me peace and happiness; souls ignorant about Thee are in darkness; Datta! Thou are Lord God! Thou art Almighty; Recite glory to Gurudeva Datta whole heartedly;

Shri Sai Bhavani

Glory to God! Glory to Lord Sai!
Savior of the world! We bow to thee!
Datta Digambar incarnation!
Lead us to the path of salvation!
Embodiment of Bramhachuta Shankar!
Comfort and solace to one who surrender!
Grant thy vision to let my eyes feast!
Remove our sins and make us blest!
Simple kafni was thy garment!
Tin pot, Zoli was thy ornament!
Thou appeared under holy neem tree!
Thou led the life of mendicant so holy!
Thou manifested in this painful kali age!
Thy grace relieves us from earthly bondage!
Blessed Shirdi was thy holy residence!
Thou are quintessence of all essences!
Thou are Trinity incarnate!
Thy grace won hearts of animate and inanimate!
Thy eyes showered love and comparison
Blest is mother Dwarakamayi!
She was the home of our Lord Sai!
Burnt were our sins and painful agony
In the sacred fire of Sai’s Dhuni!
My mind wavers like an ignorant lamb
Oh! Holy shepherd! Bestow us aplomb!
Thou art Ocean of mercy! Oh1 Sai!
Lakhs wait with hopes for Thee!
Blest was Agnihotri Mule shastry!
Elated with vision of Guru Gopalswamy!
Shama stung by venomous viper
Escaped death by Thy infinite power!
Force of Thy words could quell the storm
Thou art embodiment of peace and calm!
Thy act of grinding wheat was a panacea!
Shirdi was free of malignant cholera!
Oh! My Lord Sainath! I bow to Thee
I wallow in Thy lotus feet like a bee!
Thou listen to my prayer and fulfil my wish
Guide us to cross sorrows of worldly mesh!
Bhaktha Bhimaji suffered with severe malady
Tried all sorts of path for remedy
Nothing is better than Thy Udi so efficacious
Thy sacred Udi cured his tuberculosis!
Thou enthralled Kakaji with Vithal vision
Blest Kakaji glimpsed Vishnu’s manifestation!
Thou bestowed Damu with boon of progeny
Thy blessings surpass fate and destiny!
Merciful Lord! Shower us with mercy!
Ocean of Love! I offer obeisance to Thee!
We surrender our wealth, mind and body to Thee
Bless us with peace and salvation! Oh! Sai!
Ignorant Megha confused in casteism
Disturbed at the thought of praying to Muslim!
Thy grace made him to see Shiva in Thee
Thy love made him to become a true devotee!
Thou turned water to oil for illumination
Light of lamps burning the egos and illusion!
Thy wonderful miracle stunned the vendors
Left them speechless and bowed to thy grandeur!
Chand Patil searching for his lost mare
Found a gem in the form of a noble Fakir!
Blest are Thy devotees for whom Thou care!
Have faith in Sai with faith and patience!
Sing and praise glory to Sai with perseverance!
All our desires will be fulfilled by His grace
As our hearts hold His flower feet like a vase!
Thou repaid Bayaja Bai’s loving debt
Thy loving grace made him wake from deathbed!
When Tatya battled with life and death
Thou gifted him life and made him breathe!
Wild beasts too enjoyed Thy Benignity
Thou showered them love and pity!
Thou art Omni present! Thou art Omni Potent!
Thy devotees know Thou art Omniscient!
One who surrenders at Thy lotus Feet
Is ever assured of a life so sweet!
Thy nectar like sayings are priceless pearls
Protecting us like a mother Tortoise!
Thou art in every atom! Oh! Lord Sai!
Thy omni potence limits to infinity!
I blame myself for being full of ignorance
I lack expressions to praise Thy benevolence!
Thou art protector of helpless and poor!
Thou descended to earth to be our savior!
Have pity and mercy on me, Oh! Lord Sai!
Grant me, I may never be separated from Thee!
Let me praise Thy glory forever till my death
Let me sing Thy miracles till my last breath!
One who chants Thee with faith and patience
Is certain to attain peace and deliverance!
Sing Sai Bhavani with love and devotion
Bow to His feet and rest there with adoration!
Sai stands besides His loving devotee
To save him from trouble and calamity!
Devotion to Sai is the best solace
He is the God! Controller of the Universe!
One who has immense devotion and belief
Has nothing to grieve and assured of relief!
Sai’s benevolence extends to infinity
Sai is the reservoir of Tranquility!
Glory to Lord Sai, The incarnation of Trinity!
Bow to Lord Sai! Glory to God and Almighty!

Anata Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Para Brahma
Shri Satchit Ananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!
Shri Sainatharpanamastu! Shubam Bhavasthu!

Shri Sai Chalisa

Bow to Lord Sai with faith and patience;
Thy Grace will remove ignorance;
Blest are the grass, soil and dust of Shirdi;
By the touch of Sai, they became pure and holy;
Thou manifested under the neem tree;
Thy incarnation was the mission of mercy;
Oh! Sai! Thy grace and power are infinite
Thy grace guides us beacon light;
Thy seat made Neem leaves so sweet;
Thy peaceful radiant face is a visual treat;
Thou descended on earth as a boy of sixteen;
Holy and handsome, merciful face of thine;
Thy radiant, bright, lustrous face;
Gives us hope to cross the worldly maze;
Thy grace holds the godess of wealth;
Thy love blesses the sick with health;
The words Thy mouth utter are pure nectar;
No one knew Thy religion, Mother or Father;
Let our heart be blessed as Thy Holy seat;
Let our heads be sheltered at Thy Holy Feet;
Thy loving and merciful looks endear all;
Lord Sai begging with Tin Pot and Zoli;
Offerings to Thine made the donors so Holy;
Oh Sai! Thou art Lord Datta! Thou are Lord Shiva!
Thou are Lord Ram; Pir avalia and Lord Shyam;
Thou art Repository of Wisdom;
Whole Universe is Thy Kingdom;
As one wishes and prays intently
Thou shower him blessings lovingly;
Thy Name has infinite strength and power;
Thy Name removes anxiety, distress and fear;
Thou art savior of poor and helpless;
Thy wonderful miracles and leelas are endless;
Thou taught us love and equality;
Thou are symbol of peace and unity;
Thy feet remove the hatred of caste and creed;
Thy devotees overcome anger, jealous and greed;
Thy preachings are pearls of Knowledge;
Ram and Rahim are One, was Thy message;
Thy grace gives the diseased good health
Thy blessings removes sins of all birth;
Merciful Sai helped the poor and helpless;
Sacred Udi is the most efficacious;
Thy merciful looks purifies our body and mind;
Sins burnt away by the God so kind;
Oh! Lord Sai! Thou art Antaryami!
We don’t have anyone except Thee!
Thou have no caste, sect and religion
Spreading love and humanity were Thy mission;
Thou are protector of a simple devotee;
Thy spirit stands by him during calamity;
Thy name removes miseries and pain
Thy name showers happiness rain;
Thy name gives us immense pleasure;
Thy Holy Feet is our precious treasure;
Whoever observes 9 Thursdays vow
Thy grace removes all his pain and sorrow;
Meditate Sai’s name with faith, day and night;
Sai will wipe our pain and relieve us from plight;
Long Robe adorned Holy Mendicant;
Uplifting the poor was mission of noble saint;
The Sweetness of thy words surpasses ambrosia;
Thy sacred Udi is a wonderful panacea;
Thou art Spiritual Quintessence;
Devotion to Thy Feet renders deliverance;
Thy marvelous act of turning water into oil;
Spread Thy fame as an aromatic pastille;
Thy words taught us not to be greedy;
To be kind and loving to helpless and needy;
Thy glory and power art infinity;
Thou art Trinity and Absolute Reality;
Thy name renders salvation;
Thy grace wards off consternation;
Thou are our Guru, guide and Helmsman;
The only One who ferry us over worldly ocean;
Utterance of thy Holy name is the only way
To keep troubles and sorrows at bay;
Guru OM

Om Shri Sai Ganeshaya Namah
Om Sat Guru Sainathaya Namah!
Om Jagatguru Sainathaya Namah
Om Paramaguru Sainathaya Namah
Om Devaguru Sainathaya Namah
Om Sai Shiva Shakthyai Namah
Om Sai Sarva Shaktimaanaya Namah
Om Sai Sarvavyaapankaya Namah
Om Sai Sarva Atmaaya Namah
Om Sai Alakh Niranjanaya Namah
Om Sai Sarva Saakshiyaya Namah
Om Sai Antaryamiyaya Namah
Om Sai Paripurajatha Namah
Om Sai AdiShatyai Namah
Om Sai AnaadhiShaktyai Namah
Om Sai Ramaya Namah
Om Sai Trolokinathaya Namah
Om Sai Thrikaala darshiyaaya Namah
Om Sai Govindaya Namah
Om Sai Satchit ananda swarupaya Namah
Om Sai Bhaktha Rakshakaaya Namah
Om Sai Paramananda swarupaya Namah
Om Sai MahaDurgayai Namah
Om Sai Aakarshana Shathiyaaya Namah
Om Sai Agnana Vinashakaaya Namah
Om Sai Yogeeshwaraaya Namah
Om Sai Purushottama Purushaaya Namah
Om Sai Shankaraya Namah
Om Sai Sukha Swarupaya Namah
Om Sai Kalyana Swarupaya Namah
Om Sai Jaga Aadhaaraya Namah
Om Sai Raghunandanaaya Namah
Om Sai DevaRakshakaaya Namah
Om Sai Asura Samhaaryaaya Namah
Om Sai Karma Phala Daataya Namah
Om Sai Dattatreya Namah
Om Sai Kartha Purushaaya Namah
Om Sai Dinabandhu aaya Namah
Om Sai Bhagat Bhayahaaryaaya Namah
Om Sai Dukha nivaaranaaya Namah
Om Sai Akaala Purushaaya Namah
Om Sai Adi Narayanaaya Namah
Om Sai Leeladhariyaya Namah
Om Sai JanahitKaaryaya Namah
Om Sai Shivshambo aaya Namah
Om Sai Aapatthi haranaaya Namah
Om Sai Sharanaagata Vatsalaaya Namah
Om Sai Madhavaaya Namah
Om Sai Raakhan Haaraya Namah
Om Sai Jagat Kaaranaaya Namah
Om Sai Sadgati Daataya Namah
Om Sai Maha Kaalikaayai Namah
Om Sai Karuna Sindhu aaya Namah
Om Sai Sarveshwaraaya Namah
Om Sai Jagadheeshwaraaya Namah
Om Sai Akaala Shakhyai Namah
Om Sai Patheeta Paavanaya Namah
Om Sai Viswanathaya Namah
Om Sai Veda Swarupaya Namah
Om Sai Sukha Daataaya Namah
Om Sai Harinarayanaya Namah
Om Sai Sathya Swarupaya Namah
Om Sai Sarva Saamarnaaya Namah
Om Sai Jyoti Swarupaya Namah
Om Sai Mahalakshmyai Namah
Om Sai Hari Govindaya Namah
Om Sai Soham Devaya Namah
Om Sai Omakr Swarupaya Namah
Om Sai MahaSaraswatyai Namah
Om Sai maya Vinaashakaaya Namah
Om Sai Venkateshwaraya Namah
Om Sai Hari Vithalaya Namah
Om Sai Moha Vinaashakaaya Namah
Om Sai Vipiththi Bhanjanatha Namah
Om Sai Bhakthi Daataaya Namah
Om Sai Mukthi Daataaya Namah
Om Sai Gnana Daataaya Namah
Om Sai Gopi Vallabhaya Namah
Om Sai Bhavataarakaaya Namah
Om Sai SarvaPriyaaya Namah
Om Sai Aparadha Hartaath Namah
Om Sai Pandharinaaraaya Namah
Om Sai Krupa Saagaraaya Namah
Om Sai Mangalakaari Devaya Namah
Om Sai Amangalahaari Devaya Namah
Om Sai Amrut Sindhu aaya Namah
Om Sai Shanti Daataaya Namah
Om Sai Chandramouleeshwaraya Namah
Om Sai Jagat Rupaya Namah
Om Sai Atma Jyotyaya Namah
Om Sai Lakshminarayanaya Namah
Om Sai Abhed Shaktyaya Namah
Om Sai Vishwaatmaaya Namah
Om Sai Paramaatmaaya Namah
Om Sai Bhakta Vatsalaaya Namah
Om Sai Agni Rupaya Namah
Om Sai Gayathriyai Namah
Om Sai Maha Ambikaayai Namah
Om Sai Dharma Rakshakaaya Namah
Om Sai Siddhi Daataaya Namah
Om Sai Riddhi Daataaya Namah
Om Sai Urprakaaya Namah
Om Sai Sadhu Raakshakaaya Namah
Om Sai Chintanaashakaaya Namah
Om Sai Ananda Moorthaya Namah
Om Sai Bhagya Vidhaataya Namah
Om Sai HariHaraaya Namah
Om Sai Para Brahmaaya Namah

Naam Smaran

Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Kirshna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Sai Hare Sai Sai Sai Hare Hare
Hare Baba Hare Baba Baba Baba Hare Hare
Hare Datta Hare Datta DattaDatta Hare Hare!

Shri SaiBaba Arati

Arti sai baba, soukhya datar jeeva
Charan rajatali, dhyava dasa visawa, bhakta visawa – arati Sai Baba
Jaya mani jaisa bhav, taya taisa anubhav
Davisi dayadhana, aisee tujhee hi mav – arati Sai Baba
Tumche nam dhyata, hare sansrity vyatha
Agaadh tav karni, marga davisi anantha – arati Sai Baba
Kaliyugi avatar, sagun brahma sachar
Avteerna jhalase, swami datta digambar – arati Sai Baba
Atha divasa guruwari, bhakta kariti wari
Prabhupad pahawaya, bhav bhav niwari – arati Sai Baba
Majha nijdravya theva,tav charanraj seva
Magane hechi ata, tumha deva dhideva – arati Sai Baba
Ichhit din chatak, nirmal toy nij sukh
Pajave madhava ya, sambhal apuli bhak – arati Sai Baba.. soukhya datar jeeva

Arati Translation (English)

Oh Sai Baba, we wave lights before You, the bestower of happiness to the Jivas. Give us - Your servants and devotees rest under the dust of Your feet. Burning (destroying) desire, You remain absorbed in Your Self and show the Lord (God) to the aspirants. As one feels intently, You give him experiences or realizations accordingly. Oh kind-hearted, Your power is such! Meditation on Your name removes our fear of the samsar. Your method of work is really unfathomable as You always help the poor and helpless. In this Kali age, You - the all-pervasive Datta, have really incarnated as Saguna Brahma. Ward off the fear of samsar of the devotees who come to You every Thursday so as to enable them to see the feet of the Lord. Oh! God of Gods, I pray that let my treasure be the service of Your feet. Feed Madhav and (you should utter your name here) with happiness as the cloud feeds the Chatak bird with pure water and thus keep up Your Word. Amen !

Sai Baba’s 11 Promises

• No harm shall befall him who sets his foot on the soil of Shirdi.
• He who cometh to My Samadhi, his sorrow and suffering shall cease.
• Though I be no more in flesh and blood, I shall ever protect My devotees.
• Trust in Me and your prayer shall be answered.
• Know that My Spirit is immortal. Know this for yourself.
• Show unto Me he who sought refuge and been turned away.
• In whatever faith men worship Me, even so do I render to them.
• Not in vain is My Promise that I shall ever lighten your burden.
• Knock, and the door shall open. Ask and ye shall be granted.
• To him who surrenders unto Me totally I shall be ever indebted.
• Blessed is he who has become one with Me.


  1. sai baba,nothing is hidden from you. i am in a lot of i have started observing the nine thursday's vrat. i have some queries about how to complete the vrat... in the book its been asked to distribute 5,11 books to known people... but lord i know a very few people who reside near me.. what should i do? can i distribute the books in a temple and to people i dont know? please help me lord.

  2. yes you can doistribute in temple. I did the same. baba will definately help you ..

    Jai sairam

  3. Om Sainathaya Namaha...I solemnly promise to begin this vrath from next Thursday Sai with ur blessings. You know all my difficulties. Please Baba bless my husband find a good job before I complete this vrath...I have complete faith in you. I aceept everything u give 'sarr aankhon par'...Hari Om Sai Om