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1.         Allah Achha karega (God will do good).

2.         Allah (God) Malik is the sole Proprietor, nobody else is our Protector.

3.         Allah (God) is the sole Dispenser and Protector. Think of Him always. He will take care of you. Surrender to His feet with body, mind, wealth and speech (i. e.) completely and then see what He does.

4          Allah (God) will give you plenty and He will do you all good.

5.         Allah (God) is My Doctor.

6.         All the insects, ants, the visible, movable and immovable world is My body or Form.

7.         All persons do not see or realize Brahma in their life time.

8.         Alright let Me know whether you both had a chitchat, and if so, tell Me all that you talked about.

9.         As you go on doing My meditation, your Vrittis (thoughts) will be one pointed and the distinction between the Dhyata (Meditator), Dhyana (Act of Meditation), Dhyeya (Thing meditated upon) will be lost and the meditator will be one with the Brahma.

10.       Alright, do not go, we should mean well and do well. Whatever is destined to happen, will happen.

11.       Am I not always with you ? Then do you offer Me anything before you eat ?

12.       Are not your thoughts, doubts and apprehensions calmed down now ? (Hari) Lord will protect him who has got faith and patience.

13.                As I have given it (Vishnu Sahasranama) to you, better keep it with you for safe custody;   it will be of use to you.

14.       A true Ramadasi should have no "Mamata'' (attachment) but have "Samata'' (equality) towards all.

15.       As a Fakir, I had nothing to do (or gain) with the Ganges Water.

16.       All My senses left their places and concentrated themselves in My eyes, and My eyes concentrated on Him. Thus was My Guru, the sole object of My meditation and I was conscious of none else.

17.       At first he was poor, and took a vow to his God that he would pay his first month's salary if he got an appointment. He got one on Rs. 15/- P. M. Then he steadily got promotions from Rs. 15/- he got Rs. 30; 60; 100; 200 and ultimately Rs. 700/- P. M. But in his prosperity, he forgot to clean the vow. The force of his Karma has driven him here and I asked that amount (Rs. 15/-) from him as dakshina.

18.       As Krishnaknows that there were such Bhaktas and Gurus, He refers Arjuna to them so that their greatness May increase and be known.

19.       After the temple is complete, I will come there to stay.

20.       After the wada is complete, we shall use it ourselves, we shall live, move and play there, embrace each other and be very happy.

21.       Ah, he says that I promised to come but deceived him. Inform him that I did attend his dinner with two others, but he failed to recognize Me.

22.       As he committed the theft, he could not but speak out.

23.       After doing Benaras and Prayag we would be ahead of Shama.

24.       As a result, of their past actions, they were both born as goats.

55.       As they passed by Me, I at once recognized them. Remembered their past history. Taking pity on them, I want to feed them and give them rest and comfort and for this reason, I spent all the money for which you reprove Me.

26.       As you did not like my bargain, I sent them back to their owner (Shepherd).

27.       As I was tired, I rested there, washed My hands and feet and had a bath and felt refreshed.

28.       As I was preparing to smoke chillim pipe, I heard the croaking of a frog.

29.       After a large amount was collected, arrangement for worship was made and plans with estimates for repairs were prepared.

30.       A rich local man was appointed as the Treasurer and the whole work was entrusted to him.

31.       After some days, God (Mahadev) appeared in his wife's dream and said to her " You get up, build the doom of the temple, I will give you a hundredfold of what you spend".

32.       All were agreed to this transaction, but began to quarrel over the money.

33.       As she thus sought My protection, I gave her a pledge that I would cross seven seas to help her.

34.       All this is God's Leela or sport.

35.       Abdul, your clay is (being) transferred into gold, you will cross the seven oceans; high mansion is erected for you.

36.       Avoid needless disputations and avoid  falsehood.

37.       All of you clear off. You must remain inside your lodging and not wander about in the open place and you must come again when I sent for.

38.       Apply heated aloe over the affected part and the pain will be subsided.

39.       After he gets well, bring him to Me.

40.       Am I not in the place where you go to ease your­self ? Why do you fear ?

41.       Anna, if I delayed an instant, then this man would have indeed perished. The mad man has seized with his hands his very throat. But I extricated him. What is to be done? If I do not save My own children who else will?

42.       A man had a very beautiful horse. Inspite of all his efforts, it would not go in pair. A Vidwan suggested that it should be taken back to the place whence it was bought. This was done. Then it became controllable and useful.

43.       According to Prarabdha of each, one get delicacies (Panchamrita), one, stale crumbs and one mere bran-gruel. The latter fancy themselves unhappy at that, and the former fancies he lacs nothing. But the result of eating any of these is merely the satisfaction of hunger.

44-.     As long as the body remains. Samsara remains.

45.       All mental and bodily process are Samsara.

46.       All persons, all creatures differ in form etc., why ? Because of previous karma of each.

47.       Abdul, place some buckets of water ( next to the Akhandam ) in the Lendi garden and see that the lamp (Akhandam) is perpetually burning. Feed it always with oil.

48.       Always take your meals before you start for a journey.

49.       A few friends will gather together and talk "Divine wisdom,'' and sit and contemplate.

50.       Believe Me that if anybody sings My Leelas, I will give him infinite joy and ever-lasting Contentment.

51.       Be wherever you like, do whatever you choose, remember well that all what you do is known to Me.

52.       Blessed and fortunate indeed is he who knows Me.

53.       Blessed is he who knows the greatness of his Guru and thinks Him to be Hari, Kara and Brahma (Trimurti) incarnate.

54.       Being quite desire less, you should meditate on the Lord who is in all the creatures and when the mind is concentrated, the goal will be achieved.

55.       Behold, how that (Pointing to a pig) was eating filth, with what relish it is gorging dung. Your conduct is similar. You go on reviling your own brothern to your heart's content. After performing many deeds of merit, you are born a man and if you act like this, will Shirdi help you in any way,

56.       Bapu, I do not want to be entangled in any such wordly things. (Sharing profits).

57.       But what My Sircar (God) gives lasts to the end of time.

58.       Bapu, I had given you before Rupees two, now I give you Rupees three. Keep these in your shrine for worship and you will be benefited.

59.       Believe Me, though I pass away, My bones in My tomb will give you hope and confidence.

60.       Brahma is the only "Reality" and the universe is ephemeral and that no one in this world, be he a son, father or wife, is really ours.

61.       Bring him here on somebody's back and let us work and finish his sufferings once for all.

62.       Build the wada with the temple, I shall fulfill the desires of all.

63.       Both were very wicked in their past life and were now reaping the fruit of their action in these bodies.

64.       By Gouri's good luck, there was a great demand for land and the endowment land was sold for one lakh of rupees (100 times worth of her ornaments).

65.       Be entirely pride less and egoless in all things and thus your spiritual progress will be rapid.

66.       Barring your name and form, there exists in you, as well as in all beings, a sense of Being or consciousness of Existence. That is Myself.

67.       Be contented and cheerful!.

68.       Boy, why do you behave like this ? See, I give you this first warning that you should give up drink. If you do not heed this, I will not warn you again but leave you to your fate.

69.       Bhagat, there is in the village a bitch sickly like Myself and every one is hitting it.

70.       Bhagat, you had a fine pilgrimage. You sat leaning against a palki. At that time, I had come there.

71.       Bhagat, when you came here tonight, come with a lamp. You will meet thieves at the village gate.

72.       Bhimabai, take this leper woman home and attend to her.

73.       Bala, do not go home; stay and attend on this Dagdu Bhav (a moslera leper).

74.       Bhagat, Go and live in your house, you will get a son. A son is a mango fruit. A daughter is a tamarind fruit.

75.       Be my me and keep quiet. I will do the rest, (to Upasani Maharaj).

76.       Be not obsessed by the importance of wealth.

77.       Be liberal and munificent but not lavish or extravagant.

78.       By the action of Karma, I got embroiled and came to a body.

79.       Brahman is My father and Maya My mother.

80.       By their interlocking, I got this body.

81.       By going away to a forest, you cannot escape Samsara.

82.       Be quiet.   Do not fear.

83.       Babu (taking the child in Baba's hand), where have you been ? Were you vexed with or weary of Me ?

84.       Certain qualifications are absolutely necessary to see Brahma in their life time.

85.       Consider yourself as the seeker after the truth and be anxious and eager to collect or cultivate "Loving Devotion,” then you will attain stability and peace of mind.

86.       Come what may, but leave not, but stic; to your bolster (support (ie.) Guru) and ever remain steady, always at-one-ment (in-union) with Him.

87.       Can you not speak soft and sweet words ? You read daily these books (Vishnu-Sahasranama etc.,) and still your mind is impure and your passions un-controlled.

88.       Cunning fellow, he does bhajan on the way and enquires ethers. Why ask others ?

89.       Come child. I was thinking of you yesterday. Come. Eat this mango and shampoo My leg.

90.       Come in and daub Me with sandal on the fore­head, hands, breast and everywher.

91.       Did Vithal Patil come ? Did you see Him ? He is a very taunt fellow, catch him firmly, otherwise He will escape if you be a little inattentive.

92.       Do not be deluded with worldy honour.

93.       Don't make haste, stop a little, let go the bazaar, don't go out of the village.

94.       Devotees could never approach Me unless I meant to receive them.

95.       Do not try to get any Mantra or Upadesh from anybody. Make Me the sole object of your thoughts and actions and you will, no doubt, attain Paramartha (the spiritual goal of life).

96.       id the story strike you ? and did you catch its significance ?

97.       Demolish the wall of difference that separates you from Me; and then the road for our meeting will tie clear and open.

98.       Do you know our Dwarakamayee ? This is our Dwarakamayee where you are sitting. She wards off all dangers and anxieties of the children, who sit on her lap. This Masjidmayi (its presiding deity) is very merciful, she is the mother of the simple devotees who she will save in calamities.

99.       Do you know the " Lamba Bava”  (long gentle­man), viz serpant? He is so terrible, but what can he do to the children of Dwarakamayi: When the Dwaraka­mayee (its presiding Deity) protects, what can the serpant do ?

100.    Do not eat yourself, but give them to your junior wife. This Amara-Leela (mango miracle of 4 mangoes) will give her four sons and four daughters.

101.    Do not be anxious that I would be absent from you.

102.    Do not wail like that wait a bit, have patience, take the boy to your lodging, he will come to his senses within half an hour.

103.    Did Vithal Patil come? did you not see him? He is very elusive, hold him fast, otherwise, He will give you the slip and run away.

104.    Did you not hear My words asking you to draw Trident ? It was no vision but direct order and My words are always pregnant with meaning and never hollow.

105.    Do you not believe in yjur mind in Mohomedan Gods.

106.    Did you forget Me.

107.    Drive out this useless Sanyasi, his company is of no use.

108.    Do three " Saptahas " (i.e ) three readings during three weeks conscientiously.

109.    Do not disregard offers of food; served dish should not be thrust away.

110.    Don't be anxious, you will be improving from to-morrow, and within a week you will be on your legs.

111.    Did not you see the crow ? He won't come again. Abdul was the crow. Now go and rest yourself in the wada and you will be soon alright.

112.    Don't go there at this late hour (night,) send her Udhi.

113.    Do not go now, but go therein the morning and return immediately.

114.    Debt, enmity and murder have to be atoned for. There is no escape.

115.    Don’t go yourself, but send somebody.

116.    Draw out your arm   and taking a ladle, put some quantity in  the dish without caring for your ortho­doxy and without blustering.

117.    Drink it all, you won't get any such opportunity hereafter.

118.    Dubaki also breathed her last.

119.    Do I kill people's children ?

120.    Don't be anxious, your hundi (death-warrant) has been withdrawn and you will soon recover, but I am afraid of Tatya Patil.

121.    Do not entertain the sense of doer ship in doing good as well as bad deeds.

122.    Do not divulge this to anybody, nor to him, for he will be terribly frightened.

123.    Do not go to the debtor's village to ask for your money. The debtor himself will come here.

124.    Do not be idle, work, utter God's name, read scriptures.

125.    Desires must be controlled. You must master them and not be their slave.

I26.      Death and life are manifestation of God's activity. You cannot separate the two. God permeates all. However (in fact) none is born.

127.    Do not fear. This is the play of God. Many more of such plays you may see.

128.    Do not go, bring the boy here.

129.    Do not blame Me for not giving you one (Kupni). The Fakir (God) has not permitted Me. (Not to be worn by a family man).

130.    Do not fear. I am Myself there and guarding you and your young wife.

131.    Do not go. you are not going to die. I will not let you die till I die.

132.    Do not fear. Only seven will die. After that this epidemic will disappear.

133.    Do not lend these moneys, nor giva them away to others. Do not eat and excrete these. (He purchasd 84 acres of land).

134.    Do you not know that this is Guru Poornima. Bring your worship materials and do your Guru Puja.

135.    do not go to court to-day. (The court was suddenly closed that date).

136.    Do not go to-day; but go to-morrow to meet the Collector at Kopergaon. (The Collector has cancelled his camp on that date).

137.    Do not start to-day. Start to-morrow for your Pandharpur case (The case adjourned a day).

138.    Do not gat up the steps of the Mosque. Go back straight to your home without halting on the way.

139.    Do not kick against the pricks.

140.    Do not entangle in wealth, or be miserly.

141.    Do not persecute and tease poor.

142.    Difference between species, like difference between individuals is due to the previous Karma of each.

143.    Do not climb into the mosque. (To Mrs. Gokhale as she was not otherwise purified)

144.    Do not enter. (To Mrs. Gokhale as she was under pollution arising from the death of a relation),

145.    Do not borrow for celebrating a feast or festival, for a pilgrimage or other journey

146.    Do not Cry 'Dhutt’ 'Dhutt (Keep away, Keep away) at him,

147.    Do not give him a place far away from your own place of eating.

148.    Do not do that, I won't allow it.

149.    Did none give you anything to be carried to Me.

150.    Dear fellow, " when you were starting from Bandra, did not that mother with great love and devotion deliver sweet meat to you to be presented to Me.

151     Eating that lovely bread, I am heartily contented and I am still belching. The dog which you saw before meals and to which you gave the piece of bread is one with Me, so also the other creatures (Cats, pigs, flies, cows etc.,) are one with Me. I am roaming in their forms. He who sees Me in all these creatures is My beloved. So abandon the sense of duality and distinction and serve Me as you did to-day.

152.    Even the knowledge of a well-read man who is not free from the desire of the fruit or reward of his actions and who has got no disgust for the same, is useless and can't help him in getting Self-Realization.

153     Everything we should see with our own eyes; where is necessity to question others.

154.    Even in his new life, he was hankering after money and asked Me to help him to get it as he was leading a married man's life.

155.    Eat very little, do not go in for a variety of eatables. A single sort (ie) dish will suffice. Do not sleep much. Have Dhyan on what is read. Think of Allah (God).

156.    Enjoyment of material pleasure is permissible. But be not enslaved by it. Mukti is impossible to persons addicted to lust.

157.    Even   Parameswar,   the great God   who   has created the world cannot alter these. ( birth of child and death of relatives).

158.    Everything is Mine.

159.    Englishman, Da not go to Kopergaon- (He went and met with accident).

160.    Fakiri (mendicancy) was the real Lordship as it was everlasting and the so called (riches) are evanescent.

161.    Foes and Friends, Kings end paupers were the same to Me,

162.    For the sake of devotees, I spent My stock of merits and was ever alert to help them.

163.    Forthwith I show to you with pleasure, the Brahman with all its accompaniments and complications.

164.    For seeing Brahman one has to give Five things (i.e.) surrender five senses viz (I) Five Pranas (Vital Forces), (2) Five sensus (Five of action and five of per­ception), (3) Mind (4) Intellect and (5) Ego.

165.    For a greedy man there is no peace, neither contentment nor certainty (Steadiness)

166.    Fondness or attachment ill, becomes an ochre garb.

167.    Fakirs also are seldom dispassionate.

168.    For those who come here (to Me), I have to grind. (Their Karma).

169.    Go, go quickly, be calm and unperturbed. Stay comfortably at Belapur for four days. See all your rela­tives and then return to Shirdi,

170.    Get some Dakshina from the new (Nasik) Brah­min.

171.    Give a black dog some morsels of rice mixed with curds in front of Laxmi temple.

172.    God will cure.

173.    Give him (your guest) cups of tea, fully satura­ted with sugar.

174.    Go wherever you will, over the wide world, I am with you.

175.    Greed and Brahma are as poles asunder; they are eternally opposed to each other.

176.    God's method of work is extraordinary, invalua­ble, His will be done, and He will show us the way and satisfies our heart's desires.

177.    God lives in all beings and creatures, whether they be serpents or scorpions. He is the great wirepuller of the world and all beings serpents, scorpions etc , obey His command.

178.    Go  yourself to the temple of Sapta-Shringiof Vani and offer these at the feet of the Goddess.

179.    Go and sit quiet at your lodging, wait with patience for a few days.

180.    Go to Dadabhat's house, prepare the dish of Puran Polis (wheat rotis with gram flour and jaggery) feed his children and yourself too,

181.    Give Me My one rupee.

182     God is our Father and Master; she will be all right easily.

183.    Give one and receive ten fold.

184.    Guard Me, go if you like, but return sometimes at night and enquire after Me.

185.    Go on daily reading the Pothi (Jnaneshwari), go and sit in the wada, read something everyday and while reading it, explain the portion read, to all with love and devotion.

186.    Give a silk-bordered dhotar to  My Shama, you will profit thereby.

187.    God does not like big subscriptions and dona­tions collected against the wishes of the donors, but He likes even trifling amounts given with love, devotion and appre­ciation.

188.    Gouri told Me the vision and I gave her the proper advice in the matter.

189.    God runs to His devotees for help in times of danger.

190.    God has created this beautiful world and it is our duty to appreciate its beauty.

191.    God is great.   He is the Supreme Master.

192.    Ganu, you must really eat union and not pretend.

193.    Gain and loss, birth and death, are in the hands of God. But how blindly do these people forget God! Look after life, just so long as it lasts. When death arrives do not be grieved.

194.    Go, you will catch the train at kopergaon.

195.    Go, you will reach at noon.

196.    Give Me My dates, My udhubhati packet and My one rupee.

197.    Go home, Rameswar (mother) is starving since you left home. If you do not go now, Rameswar will cease to exist and Badreswar (death) will takes its place.

198.    Going to Nasik! What for should you go to Nasik? There is plague there. Do not go there. Go back home, taking your little ones with you.

199.    Get on cheerfully with your wordly round of activities, but do not forget God. Remember God.

200.    Go and hear Pothi,

201.    Go to Bai.   She is reading Puran in the temple.

202.    Get away.   Do not message Me.

203.    Go back to your place (Poona) via Ahmad-nagar. Start now with Tatya Patil.

204.    Go-to the Halway's shop and bring Naivadya.

205.    Go to your wada (your-lodging).

206.    Get up soon, Babusaheb thinks that I am dead and so he won't come; you do the worship and Kakad (morning) Arti.

207.    He will get some other job, but now he should serve Me and be happy, his dishes will be ever full and never empty. He should turn all his attention towards Me and &void the company of atheists, irreligious and wicked people, he should be meek and humble towards all and worship Me heart and soul. If he does this, he will get eternal happiness.

208.    His father was My friend, so I dragged him (the son) here. He never offered Naivadya offering food) and so he starved Vithal and Me. So I brought him here. I shall remonstrate him now and set him to worship.

209.    How can he, whose mind is engrossed in wealth, progeny and prosperity expect to know the Brahma without removing away the attachment for the same?

210.    How can a greedy man get dispassion and salvation?

211.    He should make one more "Saptaha" of the book; if the work be studied carefully, the devotee will become pure and will be benefited, the Lord will be pleased and will rescue him from the bondage of mundane existence.

212.    Have faith and confidence in your Guru. Believe fully that Guru is the sole Actor or Doer,

213.    Hear this story, meditate on it and assimilate its spirit. Then you always renumber and meditate on the Lord who will manifest Himself to you.

214.    He who attains the Supreme Goal of life is immortal and happy; all others merely exist (ie) live so long as they breathe.

215.    He who wants to get rid of the cycle of births and deaths, should bad a righteous lire with his mind calm and composed.

216.    He who trusts Me entirety, hears and expounds My Leelas and does not think of anything else, is sure to attain Self - Realization.

217.    How canning the people are! They fall at the feet, offer Dikshina, but inwardly give abuses behind the back. Is not this wonderful?

218.    He who rests in the shade of Dwarakamayee gets bliss.

219.    Have you got such faith?

220.    Have you not got a Panja (emblem of hand) in your house and do you not worship the same in tabut (i e.) Moharam festival? Also there is yi your house another Mohammedan Deity by name Kadbibi whom you propitiate and appease on your marriage and other festivals. Is it not so?

221.    He who surrenders himself to the feet of Hari (God) will get free from all troubles and attain bliss.

222.    Hearing My answer, My Guru was pleased with Me, drew Me near Him and stroking My body with His hand and kept Me with him.

223.    He took care of Me as tenderely as a mother-bird does of her young ones.

224.    He put Me into His School; How beautiful it was

225.    He (other type of Guru) speaks a lot and sing his own glory; but His own words do not touch the disciples hearts and they are not convinced,

226.    He (other type of Guru) has   none,   so   far Self-realization is concerned.

221.    How can such schools be of any use to the disciples and how can they be

228.    He who does anything (spiritual endeavor) will reaps its fruit and he who remembers these words of Mine will get invaluable happiness.

229.    He who steps here (Dwarakamayee) will soon get health and happiness and his sufferings will come to an end.

230.    He (God) is most merciful. Neither I am God nor Lord. I am His obedient servant and remember Him often.

231.    He who casts aside his egoism and thank Him and he who trusts Him entirely will have his shackles removed and will obtain liberation.

232.    How could he be his master? He has got a different Master altogether.

233.    Have I any home, property or family to look after?

234.    How is Gnana upadesh (i. e.) imparting of realization to be effected? Destroying ignorance is Gnana.

235.    He who has many good qualities in him can do so (i. e., to sleep up on the

236.    He who can sleep with his eyes wide open can sleep up on the plank.

237.    He himself gets drowsy and begins to nod his bead.

238.    How can he, who can't sit and sleep well on the ground and whose asana (posture) is not steady and who is a slave to sleep, sleep high up on a plank?

239.    He went out and found that a huge serpant was holding a big frog in its mouth.

240.    How shall I allow the snake to eat it up, am I here for nothing?

241.    He was to keep regular accounts and be honest in all his dealings.

242.    He was a first class miser and spent very little for the repairs, which consequently made very little progress.

243.    He spent all the funds, swallowed some amount himself and spent nothing from his pocket.

244.    He had sweet tongue and was very clever in offering plausible explanations regarding the poor and tardy progress of the work.

245.    He received it, bat sat as quiet as before without making any progress.

246.    He undervalued the ornaments for Rs. 1000/- and bought them himself and in li'ew of the amount gave a field to God as endowment or security.

247.    His devout wife was born as the daughter of the priest of the temple and was named Gouri.

248.    His (Priest's) daughter Gouri was also devoted to Me.

249.    He (Veerabhadrappa) was also first devoted to Me as I recommended his marriage with Gouri.

250.         Half the amount was paid in cash and the remaining was to be paid in 25 instalments of Rs. 2000/-each.

251.    Hearing My opinion Veerabhadrappa was worth with Me and said that I wanted to establish Gouri's claim and embezzle her property.

252.    Hearing his words, I remembered God and kept quiet.

253.    Hearing the croaking of Chenbassappa (frog) and remembering My pledge, I came here, saved him and kept up My word.

254.    He (God) saved Chenbassappa by sending Me here.

255.    He (God) will take him in balloon (Secure him a happy death).

256.    He ( Tatya Patil) will pass away on Vijayadasami day of Shake 1840 (1918 A. D )

257.    He who loves Me most always sees Me. ;

258.    He ceaselessly mediates upon Me and always! chants My name.

259.    He who thus comes to Me, becomes one with Me, just as a river gets to sea and becomes merged (one) with it.

260.    He who carps and cavils at others, pierces Me in the heart and injures Me, but he that suffers and endures, Pleases Me most.

261.    He who withdraws his heart from wife, child and parents and Loves Me is My real Lover and he merges in Me like a river in the sea.

262.    He that slays saves, He that saves slays.

263.    How can you gulp down at one gulp an entire bread ? Wait for five years
and see.

264.    Have restraint, of speech.

265.    Hallo, Kaka, Why are you anxious ? Bury Me and then go.

266.    However much you study, you will not pass this year. However little you study in the next year, you will succeed.

267.    How often, in the past Janmas, have I been with you! And how many more shall I remain with you! We shall meet again and again.

268.    How long have I waited for you Mother! Have you brought any thing for Me
to eat?

269.    How sweet, O, Mother is your bread!

270.    Have no more anxiety. In two hours your boy will prespire. In the morning he will feel better.

271.    Have you forgotten what I told you ? You have written at page 3 of your note book. Did I net say that he should be named "Daulat Shah"

272.    Hello ! What is this ! Muslin ! I am not going to return this. This is Mine.

273.    Hello ! I have intense pain in the belly, fetch a turban. Pull, Pull, I have not yet got relief. You may stop now. I have relief. (This suffering of Baba has enabled a smooth pregnant of a devotee).

274.    Hello, Kasinath, When you left, you protested you could not return within 8

275.    He must simply sit quiet in Vittoba's temple doing nothing. He has merely to eat bread and vegetable and sit quiet. I shall accomplish what I want.

276.    Have nothing to do with anybody. Your future is very excellent.

277.    Humility is not towards all. Severity is needed in dealing with the wicked,

278.    Have consideration for the poor and the wretched.

279.    How can he die? In the morning, he will come to life.

280.    He has much paisa (literally cash). Brahmin earn much paisa (punya) by
their ways.

281.    Here is all the money you have given till now Take it away.

282.    Hallo! what matters are being bruited and what deliberation?

283.    How much do you want?

284.    Hallo, These fruits he has purchased in the market for Me, and has brought the whole lot to Me without tasting any part of it quite unlike what the Pandit did the other day.

285.    Hallo, call that man back (a stinking feeble leper).

286.    Hallo, what is this? Pedas! (Baba put a piece of peda. into his own mouth, and taking up the balance of the peda and returned it to the leper as prasad to him.

287.    Hallo, pluck one of the fruits from that bunch. He (Sender) has not yet taken his meal, Send him a wire that Baba has eaten the plantain and then he will take his meal.

288.    If a man utters My name with love, I shall fulfill all his wishes.

289.    If a man sings earnestly My life and My deeds, him I shall beset in front and back and on all sides.

290.    It is My special characteristic to free any person who surrenders completely to Me and who does worship Me faithfully and who remembers Me and mediates on Me constantly.

291.    I shall draw out My devotees from the jaws of Death.

292.    If My stories are listened to, all the diseases will be got rid of.

293.    I am the inner Ruler of all and seated in their hearts.

294.    I envelope all the creatures, the movables and the immovable world.

295.    I am the Controller-the wire Puller of the show of this Universe.

296.    I am the mother origin of all beings-the Harmony of three Gunas, the propeller of all senses, the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer.

297.    It is not necessary to go so long. Our Prayag is here. Belive Me

298.    It is My special characteristic that I look always to, and provide for the welfare of those devotees who worship Me whole-heartedly with their minds ever fixed on Me.

299.    If the mind be vagrant, it cannot be called well-merged.

300.    I do not mind My arm being burnt, but I am glad that the life of the child is

301.    If anyone does any evil unto you, do not retaliate.

302.    If you can do anything, do some good unto others.

303.    If you give it a sense object, it will think about it, if you give it Guru, it will think about Guru.

304.    I never knew that I was ever angry with My devotees; that if mothers kicked their children and if the sea turned back the rivers, I will neglect the devotees, welfare; that I5 the slave of My devotees, always stood by them and responded to them whenever they called upon Me and that I always longed for their love.

305.    If the Fakir (Allah) does not allow, what I do ? without His grace, who will climb in the Masjid ?

306.    If their turn did not come, I did not remember them and My Leelas could not reach their ears. Then how could they think of seeing Me.

307.    If you always say (Sai, Sai', I shall take you over the seven seas,

308.    I do not need paraphernalia of worship either eight-fold or sixteen fold.

309.    I rest there where there is full devotion.

310.    I did not expect anything from devotees but grateful remembrance, unchanging faith and devotion.

311.    I know, you have no money, but you are reading Yoga-Vashistha, Give Me Dakshina from that.

312.    It is only in the purified mind that Viveka (discrimination between the unreal and the real) and Vaira-gya (Non- attachment to the unreal) crop up and lead on to self-realization.

313.    If there be even a little trace of greed in mind, all the Sadhans (Spiritual endeavors) are of no avail.

314-    It is better for one to take only what he can digest and assimilate.

315-    If you listen to Me carefully, you will be certainly benefited. Sitting in the Masjid, I never speak any untruth.

316.    I had Guru, He was a great Saint and most merciful. I served him long, very long; still He would not blow any Mantra into My ears.

317.    I had keen desire, never to leave My Guru, but to stay with and serve Him and at all costs receive some instructions from Him.

318.    I bad no other subject to meditate, nor any other thing than My Guru to

319.    I waited patiently on My  Guru very long and served Him.

320.    If you practice meditation   Continuously,  the Vrittis (Thoughts) will be

321.    If you cannot do meditation on My formless nature, meditate on My form from top to toe as you see here night and day.

322.    If you cake this story to heart and remember it well, your state will be as sweet as the sugar candy. All your desires will be fulfilled and you will be happy.

323.    If any men or creature? come to you, do not discourteously drive them away, but receive them well and treat them with due respect,

324.    If anybody wants any money from you and you are not inclined to give, do not give, but          do not bark at him like a dog.

325.    If you always tolerate hatred, you will certainly be happy.

326.    It is on account of Rinanubandh (former relationship) that we have come together, let us love and serve each other and be happy.

327.    I am omnipresent, occupying land, air, country, world, light and heaven and that I am not limited.

328.    If any devotee meditated on Me day and night with complete self surrender, he experienced complete union (without any difference) with Me like sweetness and sugar, waves and see, eye and its lusture.

329     It is impossible to describe all My ways and measure.

330.    In this spiritual path, you have to put in your best exertion as it is very

331.    If you want to see My Light, be egoless and most humble and meditate on My toe through the opening between the two branches index and middle fingers and then you will be able to see My Light.

332.    If once a person sits in Dwarakamayee; all his troubles are over.

333.    It is true that you give to the persons present; if rune be near by, what could you and I do ? But do you remember Me before eating.

334.    I toought that Allah himself came down and saved me. So I gave this (Vishnu Sahasranama) book to you, read it slowly, little by little, read daily one name at least and it will do you good,

335.    It is not strange that you should covet this book (Vishnu Sahasranama) so
strongly ?

336.    I took it (Vishnu Sahasranama) up Myself and gave it to him. You know by heart. I thought that Shama might read it and profit thereby, and so I gave it to him.

337.    I saw her after a very long time; let Me take some sweet morsels of love from her dish.

338.    If you do this (chanting of 'Rajarama-Rajarama'), your life's object will be gained, your mind will attain peace and you will be immensely benefited.

339.    It is good that you are hungry, take sanza (wheat pudding) for it and some medicine for the pain in the back.

340.    I suffered yesterday night from cough, is it due to some evil eye? 1 think that somebody's evil eye has worked on Me and so I am suffering (Baba spoke out what was passing on the devotee Lakshichaud's mind).

341.    I require no door to enter, I have no form nor any extension; I always love everywhere.

342.    I carry on as the wire-puller of all the actions of a man who trusts Me and Merges in Me.

343.    If not in this life, you must have committed some sin in your past life.

344.    Is there any difference between this Namaskar and your previous ones? Think well and reply.

345.    I wish that Rs. 100/- should be paid (settled) as pension. Will this satisfy you ?

346.    If you so loved your mother, why did you take Sannyasa ?

347.    In ths wada there are many robbers, bolt your doors, be very vigilent, the thieves will carry away every­thing.

34S.    In Shirdi many thoughts and ideas began to rise in your mind and I sent you here to rest your unsteady mind

349.    I was hungry and thirsty and I was moved with the vanjaris (a. man who trades in certain things such as grain etc., by carrying them on bullock) extra-ordinary love; we thought ourselves very learned but were quite strangers to pity and kindness.

350.    I was taken to a well, tied my feet with a rope hung Me head downwords and feet up from a tree near the well three feet above the water which I could not reach with My hands, nor which could go into My mouth and by suspending Me in this manner he went away and after 10 or 12 ghatakas (4or 5 hours) he returned and taking Me out quickly asked Me How I fared.

351.    I bliss Supreme, I was. How can a fool like Mi described the joy I experienced? I replied?

352.    I thought I should embrace His neck and remain staring at Him always.

353.    If His image were not fixed in My pupils I would like better to be blind.

354.    I had not to seek anything, but everything became clear to Me as broad day light.

355.    In Beedgaum, I got embroidery work (Baba’s previous birth).

356.    I worked hard sparing no pains.

357.    I kept this dress (Given by the employer)  intact without using it.

358.    I thought that man might give does not last long and it is always imperfect.

359.    I told her that he (her   son)   should   serve   no more, but start independent business.

360.    I assured him that he did not care, as everything, would be provided for him.

361.    I know this man since four years.

362.    I was an obedient servant of His and came there to enquire after the health of the family.

363.    I am only their witness. The Lord is the sole Doer and Inspirer.

364.    If I take one rupee as Dakshina from anybody, I have to return in tenfold to him.

365.    I never take anything gratis.

366.    I never ask anyone indiscriminately.

367.    I only ask and take from him whom the Fakir [My Guru] points out.

368.    If anyone is indebted formerly to the Fakir,' money is received from him.

369.    If the wealth is used for personal enjoyment, it is wasted.

370.    I take nothing from anybody.

371.    If you act according to My bidding, you will recover your money; go to a Fakir, I shall give His where abouts, surrender yourself to Him. He will get back your money; in the mean while, give up your favorite food till you recover your money.

372.    I require nothing, I am ever free.

373.    I have indeed come for that, I have been feeding you and have got love and affection for you.

374.    If one did, unless one gets into that state, how can one know it and realize it?

375.    I always think of Him who remembers Me I require no conveyance, carriage, tonganor train nor aeroplane.

376.    I run and Manifest Myself who lovingly calls Me.

377.    I would never untrue to My words.

378.    I am sitting here ready to give you the whole gold embroidered Shelia [valuable cloth], then why go to others to steal rags, and why should you get into the habit of stealing ?

379.    I asked him whether he understood the Pothi.

380.    It is not easy to sleep up on the plank.

381.    In their former birth, they were human beings and had the good fortune to be My companions and sit by My side.

382.    I was striking the flint and lighting the fire, when a traveller turned up, sat by My side, bowed to Me and politely invited Me to his house for meals and rest.

383.    I told him that a frog was in trouble and was tasting the bitter fruit of its own Karma.

384.    I told him that a frog was caught by a big snake and was crying.

385.    I said, No, this can't be. I am its father [Protector] and I am here.

386.    In the next life the rich miser was born at Mathurain a Brahmin family and was named Veera-bhadrappa.

387.    I told him not to worry about this as the bridegroom himself would come and seeking her.

388.    I told them that the property belonged to God and was vested in the priest and Gowri was his heiress and proprietress and no amount should be spent without her consent and that her husband had no right whatsover to the amount.

389.    I told her take the principal or capital amount of the interest to Chenbassappa and that Veerabhadrappa had nothing to do in the matter. "

390.    I tried My best to appease them and 'told them God's vision to Gowri.

391.    I pledged Myself to save him [Chenbassappa] from the wroth of his foe [Veerabhadrappa,]

392.    I took many medicines, the pain did not abate.

393.    I got sick of the medicine; and they gave Me no relief, but I am surprised to see now that all pains have disappeared at once.

394.    I asked h   crying   "Hari Ka   Beta''   Jarika   Pheta" and told him that "If anybody claims these sandals, first assure yourself that  his  name is Hari and that he is the son of K.a [i.e]   Kanoba and that wears lace-bordered turban and then give them to him.''

395.    Is this sign of Sainthood?

396.    I draw to Me My men from far off or even across seven seas, like sparrow with a siring fastened to its feet.

397.    It was on account of My wish that the cocoanut was entrusted to you and ultimately broken on the way.

398.    It is not the brick but My fate that has been broken into pieces.

399.    U was My life-long companion, with it I was always meditated on the self, it was as dear to Me as My life, it has left Me to-day.

400.    If i return, it will be alright; if I do not, bury My body in that open land [pointing to it] and fix two flags there as a mark.

401.    In due time your bad actions (their fruit or result) will be destroyed, your merits and demerits will be reduced to ashes.

402.    I shall consider you blessed when you will renounce all attachments, conquer lust and palate, and getting rid of all impediments, serve God whole-heartedly and resort to begging bowl (accept Sannyasa).

403.    I feel indebted to him who surrender completely to Me and ever remembers Me.

404.    I shall repay his debt by giving him salvation (Self Realization).

405.    I am dependent on him who thinks and hungers after Me and who does not eat anything without first offering it to Me.

406.    If you practice this (a sense of Being or consciousness) of Existence, you will realize all pervasiveness and thus attain oneness with Me,

407.    Is God so distant ? See the Divine within human personality.

408.    It is hard to find a good Fakir.

409.    I have been considering long and thinking day and night. All are thieves, but we have to deal with them.

410.    I prayed to God day and night for their improvement or removal, but God delays and does not approve My attitude and grant the prayer,

411.    I have been seeing you ever since your infancy.

412.    If your child breaks its arms, will you cast it into the water? Worship it

413.    I have to visit your house thrice a day.

414.    I am speaking with My mouth and not through anything else.

415.    If anyone talks ten words at us, let us answer with one word, if we reply at all. Do not battle with them.

416.    It is Anna (your Father) that eats year property. Let him eat. Do not sue him. God will give you plenty.

417.    I want non of your money. You are keeping someone in your house, is it not ? Give it to her.

418.    I wondered why they fought.

419.    I found near them a pot full of coins. ,

420.    I was saying to Myself, who am I ? What is this wealth ? Who is it ? What confusion and struggle for this ?

421.    If profits comes,  then rejoice. If loss  comes, they weep, why ? Why say ?   " This is Mine'' ?   What does it Mean ?

422     I am Myself a devotee of God though the Hindus worship Me. I remember

423.    I am requesting Allah. He will comply with My request.

424.    I say things here.   There they happen.

425.    If others hate us, let us simply take to "Nama Japa" and avoid them.

426.    I ate Kanda (i. e.,) sweet potatoo. See ( Baba then vomitted out sweet

427.    I bless (placing a palm on Kusha Bhav's head) you. Think of Me and hold forth your palms. You will have My Prasad.

428.    If you avoid rivalries and bickerings, God will protect you

429.    If you have nothing to give, then, give a suave negative.' Do not mock or ridicule the applicant nor get angry with him.

430.    If you do not like to part with what you have, do not say falsly that you have nothing. Decline to give it in polite terms and say circumstances of your desires stand in the way.

431.    I had been to this man's lie-use for a meal He did not give Me Bendi Baji (Ladies fingers' dish).

432.    I went to this man. He seat Me to a Marwadi for food.

433.    In 14 days he will be acquitted (Death sentence to a Brahmin).

434.    Is Nana pucca Baktha and you a Kuchha (i. e.) unripe ?

435.    In a former birth, you were with Me for two or three years and went into Royal service, though there was enough at home to live in comfort.

436.    I have known you for 2000 years. You were always obstinate and upto
monkey tricks.

437.    I have to give an account of every pie (i. e. every soul committed to My
care) to God.

438.    I was here (at Shirdi or on the banks of Godavari) eight or ten thousand
years ago.

439.    I will not forget him. I will always remember him, even if he is away more than 2000 miles. I will no eat even a bit without him.

440.    I do not want this garland of Tuful (i. e.) mental uneasiness.

441.    I am mad and the Hindus worshiping Me are mad. I am responsible for their heterodxy; not they for Mine.

442.    If you want to cut any throat, cut Mine.

443.    If Saheb marries, God will give him a son.

444.    I know him and I know everyone.

445.    I live with everyone.    All are Mine.

446.    I gave him.    Who give what to whom ?

447.    I am quiet, saying nothing. God is great. He had His offices everywhere, who are all powerful.

448.    I am very powerful.    I was here eight or ten thousand years ago.

449.    It is all  Gods play.    He  himself cure.    Why should we be anxious ?

450.    I had brought numerous asses ladden with gold. Robbers looted all that on the road. So it is very hard to live in the house (or prosomity) of thieves. You have been sent to Me that I may teach you this. It is very   difficult to live in this sapless world. That is what  I  was  tought. Convey this much to My Brother Madhav Nath (Maharaj).

451.    I once changed the lower part of My body for that of a parrot, and after a year's experience,, I discovered that it was a serious loss. I lost a lakh of rupees (Aims).

452.    I sat near a post and then a great serpent woke up and was very hungry. It used to jump up and also fall from above.

453.    I do not want your prasad. Why do you take the trouble to bring it here ? I
was there ?

454.    I won't like to sleep up, having Mahalsapathy down on the ground

455.    I say clear off all that lies on the gadi (matters) and dust it.

456.    If a rich man wears a gold ornament, the poor man gets jealousy, and thinks he must have one. This is Lobha.

457.    If the six enemies are conquered, waves of passion will not arise. Else they will enslave you.

458.    If the six enemies are subordinated and reason made the commandant, then the delusive pleasures and pains will no longer hold sway over you.

459.    If wealthy, be humble.

460.    Inquire always, "who am I? "

461.    I have no residence.

462.    I am the attributeless Absolute Nirguna.

463.    I am you. You are I. There is no difference between You and Me. That which constitutes Me constitutes You (To Upasani Maharaj).

464.    I draw My devotee to Me, at the time of his death even though he may die a thousand miles away (from Shirdi).

465.    I do not speak falsehood. I am Mahalakshmi. Mother, I came to your house You gave Me things to eat, is that not true ?

466.    I went as a cat to drink this man's (Hansraj's) curds to save him despite his cussedness, But be beat Me to-day.

467.    I do not bite  (i. e.  instruct through)   the ear.; Our traditions are different.

468.    I will not take this (A ten rupee note).    I am Fakir.

469.    I do not want your fruits, Take them away,

470.    I am daily going to his house.

471.    I have been so ill, as to live on mere bread and water for two years.

472.    I have string worm.

473.    I have to suffer the ill till I go back to the place of My origin

474.    I do not mind My sufferings because, I care more for My people than for
My own life.

475.    In a former birth, I, You, Jog, Kaka, Shama and Dada Kelkar, were all living together with our Guru in a blind alley. I have therefore brought all these again together.

476.    I would reborn and that I would appear before people as a boy of eight.

477.    Just remember that Guru's tortoise like loving glance gives up happiness.

478.    Just think for yourself whether your dream is true or not ?

479.    Just take out the lid and see.

480.         Just see how I release it.

481.    Jnanis do not talk of Saints as dying. They take Samadhi

482.    Joy and sorrow are mere delusion.

483.    Knowledge of the Vedas, or fame as a great Jnani and mere formal Bhajan  (worship)  are of no avail unless, they are accompanied by Bhakti (i. e.,) devotion.

484.    Kick out that  rascal, you are a high caste Brahmin and I am a low Moslem, you will loose your caste by coming here. So get away,

485.    Knowing this, do your duty, leaving all attachment to this thing of this world and the next.

486.    Know for certain that he who feeds the hungry, really serves Me with food. Regard this as an axomatic Truth.

487.    Knowing this (a sense of Being or Consciousness of Existence), You see Me inside yourself, as well as in all beings.

488.    Kusha Bhav, go and see person with three faces (Datta).

489.    Keep the money. She (her spirit) has already come to Me. What has to be taken from you has already been taken from you.

490.    Kush Bhav, Stop all your majical feats (i. e.) (black magic) and then come
to Me.

491.    Kama (desire), Krodha (anger) etc., any mixture of these is Samsara.

492.    Kaisa Desh- Vaisa Vesh (i. e. we must confirm to our sorroundings).

493.    Kondaji's son who died recently was previously a mang and before that he was My grandfather who died of leprosy. In all three lives, I helped and played with or near him.

494.    Let all the senses and mind ever devoted to the Worship of the Lord, let there be no attraction for any other thing; fix this mind in remembering Me always, so it will not wander elsewhere, towards body, wealth home.   Then it will be calm, peaceful and care free. This is the sign of the mind being well engaged in good thoughts.

495.    Ladies, are you gone mad? whose father's property are you looting away? Have I borrowed any wheat from you so that you can safely take the flow ? Now please do this. Take the flour and through it on the village border limits.

496.    Let us all four do some Bhajan, the doors of Pandhari are open, let us
merily sing.

497.    Leave off all cleverness and al ways remember 'Sai-Sai'. If you did that, all your shakless would be removed and you would be free.

498.    Look at Me whole heartedly and I in turn look at you similarly. Sitting in this Masjid, I speak the truth, nothing but the truth.

499.    Let anybody speaks hundreds of things against you, do not resent by giving any bitter reply.

500.    Let the world go topsy-turvey, you remain where you are. Standing or staying in your own place, look on calmly at this show of all things passing before you.

501.    Look at the mango tree in blossom. If all the flowers brought fruit, what a splendid crop it would be ! But do they ? Most fall off (either as flowers or as unripe fruits) by wind etc., Very few remain.

502.    Let My devotee be at any distance, a thousand koss away from Me, I will draw him to Shirdi like a sparrow with a thread tied to its feet, (koss=3 Miles).

503.    Let us do our prescribed duty and surrender our body, mind and five pranas (life) to the Guru's feet. Guru is God, all pervading. To get this conviction strong unbounded faith is necessary.

504.    Lie calmly here and be at case.

505.    Let all our humbag (paraphernalia) be with us, you go back to your home, beware if you come to this Masjid.

506.    Let the senses do their allotted work, or duty, we should not meddle with
their work.

507.    Leaving out pride and egoism and with no trace of them, you should surrender yourself to me who am seated in your heart.

508.    Living or dead, I will have, what I have been praying for.

509.    Let him place there only the ancient stones that his family has been worshipping from old times and no new image.

510.    Let us have nothing to do with such ill-fated wealth.

511.    Look at this Haridas who leaves you and go away. Have friends that will stick to you till the end, I will never leave anyone in the middle.

512.    Look at the Bamniya (corrupt and contemptuous from the word Brahmin) He eats onion on Ekadasi.

513.    Let the man (Jawar Ali) claiming to be a Guru claim. Let us humble as Sishyas. We must depend upon somebody or have somebody depend upon us. Other courses will not lead us the Supreme goal.

514.    Lust ruins mental balance and strength or firmness. It affects the learned

515.    Lo I there was a tree (or log). One came down. The other went up. You will come to know.

516.    Look! He would not be content to come alone on others being brought.

517.         Let this man go and beg food for Me.

518.    Last night you fed Me, but gave no Dakshina. Now give Me Dakshina.

5! 9.    Let Me see who dare to beat you.

520.    Last evening we were thinking of this, were we not?

521.    Mother, I had been to your house in Bandra with a view to have something to eat. I found the door Locked. I some how got an entrance inside and found to My regret that Bhau (Mr. Tarkad) had left nothing for Me to eat. So I have returned unappeased,

522.    Mother, you have fed Me sumptuously upto My throat, My afflicted pranas (life forces) have been satisfied. Ever Act like this. First give bread to the hungry and then eat yourself. Note this well.

523.    My property consisted of one kowpin (codpiece), one stray piece of cloth, one kafni and a tumrel (tinpot), and all the people troubled Me with bringing all these unnecessary useless things and costly articles.

524.    My abode is in your heart and I am  within  you.

525.    Many people come to Me and ask for wealth, health, power, position cure of diseases and other temporal matters.

526.    Mumuksha or intense desire to get free and he who thinks that he is bound and that he should get free from bondage and works earnestly and resolutely to that end and does not care for any other thing, is qualified for spiritual life.

527.    My treasury is full and I can give anyone what he wants, but I have to see whether he is qualified to receive what I give.

528.    My Guru had His own way. He first got My head shaved and asked Me two pice as Dakshina and I gave the same atonce. If you say that My Guru was perfect, why should Hs ask for money and how should He be called desireless ? I replied plainly that He never cared for coins. What had He to do with them ? His two pice were (1) Firm Faith and (2) Patience or Perseverance. I gave these two pice or things to Him and He was pleased.

529.    My Guru was full of love nay, He was love incarnate How can I describe it? He loved Me most. Rare is a Guru like Him.

530.    My Guru was My sole refuge and My mind was always fixed on Him. This is Firm Faith and that this is one piece of Dakshina. Saburi (Patience or Perseverence) is the other piece of Dakshina.

531.    My Guru never expected anything from Me than Faith and Patience.

532.    My Guru never neglected Me, but protected Me at all times.

533.    My Guru always protected Me by His glance, just as the tortoise feeds her young ones whether they are near her or away from her on the other side of the river bank by her loving looks.

534.    My method is quite unique. Remember well this one story and it will be
very useful.

535.    Mediate always on My formless nature which is knowledge incarnate,
consciousness and bliss.

536.    My word is the decree of the Brahma (Almighty).

537.         Mere reading won't do, you have to think and carry out what you read, otherwise it is of no use.

538.    Mere book learning without the grace of (he Guru and self realisation is of
no avail).

539.    Megha, draw a Trident.

540.    My Guru become My all-in-all, My borne and property, Mother and Father

541.    My master (Guru) was of different type. By His grace, realization flashed upon Me of itself, without effort or study.

542.    My Sircar (God) says 'Take, Take,' but every­body comes to Me and says
'Give, Give,'

543.    My Sircar's (God's) treasury (Spiritual wealth) is full, it is over flowing. I say dig out and take away this wealth in cartloads, the blessed son of a true mother should fill himself this wealth.

544.    My arms, abdomen and waist are paining for a long time.

545.    My Fakir's wife left Me with "Venkusa" at Selu and I stayed with Him 12 years and left Selu.

546.    Mansions will arise in this village (Shirdi). Bigwigs will come. Guns will be fired. Grand Procession will be held.

547.    My art also is a sort of Astrology.   But you people do not understand this.

548.    My Gajanan is gone (Gajanan Maharaj).

549.    My Guru was a Brahmin, "Venkusa” of Selu.

550.    My Children arrived and none looked after them and you made them upas (i. e. eat light tiffen).

551.    Mother, I am coming to your house. Tell your husband not to reject me.

552.    My money was carried away by people. I said nothing, but quietly followed them killed them and recovered My money (Money is not the real money and killing the people is also likewise).

553.    Mere appearance of worldly Joy is not happiness.

554.    Mukti (Release) is true joy or happiness; Coursing through births and deaths is unhappiness. All the joys and sorrows of Samsara are unreal.

555.    My name is “The embodied-Dehi"

556.    Mother, when will you go to Pandharpur ?

557.    Mother, now-a-days, how deceitful people are ! He had a rupee in his pocket and yet said no.

558.    Nothing will harm him who turns his attention towards Me, but Maya will lash or whip him who forgets Me.

559.    Nobody could come here of his own accord, nobody could stay here long
if he so wished.

560.    Now take care, you should not purge anymore, The vomiting must also

561.    Now your diarrhoea has stopped and you may attend to the work of the

562.    Night and day I gazed at My Guru with no thought of hungar and thirst.

563.    Nishta (Faith) and Saburi (Patience) are like twin sisters loving each other very intimately.

564.    No sadhanas, nor proficiency in the six Sastras are necessary,

565.    No body should take the labour of others in vain. The worker should be paid promptly and liberally.

566.    Not only Myself, but my tomb would be speaking, moving and communicating with those who would surrender themselves whole-heartedly to Me.

567.    Now you are well caught, officers will come and arrest you.

568.    Now you see and determine yourself whether the person you see here is the same you saw at Shirdi? It is for this reason that I sent you here.

569.    No quest can be successfully carried out on an empty stomach.

570.    No one who entered it once could return empty banded. Such was the

571.    No other gift from any man can be compared to His (God's).

572.    Nobody attends carefully to the meaning of what I say.

373.    Neither you have seen It with your eyes, nor tasted it with your tongue, then how could you say that it was good.

574.    Nana, I do not want this sort of collected purport of the whole stanza. Give Me each word, its grammatical force and meaning.

575.    Nana, is it -enough to make prostration merely ?

576.    Nana, why does Krishna refer Arjuna to Jnanis? or Tattwadarshis to do his prostration, interrogation and service? Was not Krishna a Tattwadarshi, in fact Jnani Himself ?

577.    Nana, it is not enough merely to prostrate before the Jnanis. We must make Sarwaswa Saranagati (complete surrender) to Sadguru.

578.    Nana, mere questioning is not enough. The question must not be made with any improper motive or attitude or to trap the Guru and catch at mistakes in the answer, or out of idle curiosity. It must be serious and with a view to achieve moksha or spiritual progress.

579.    Now I will do this, I will again bring that very child back in his wife's womb.

580.    Nana why are you getting agitated in vain ?

581.    Now you need not worry yourself anymore about the matter ?

582.    Nana, See, mother has cut off and carried away My feet.

583.    Nachne, go to Deopur, and worship the stones your forefathers

584.    Nana, I am not angry with you. You My children can angry with Me. If "Venkusa" were alive, I could be angry with Him.

585.    Never worry, not a leaf moves-but by His consent and will,

586.    Nana, if anyone begs of you anything, if that be in your hand or power and if you grant the request or get it granted, do so. Do not say 'No'.

587.    Nana, if anyone comes and begs for anything give him as much as you can, and if that person be not satisfied and asks for more, answer him suavely in the negative. Do not pour out your wroth or display all your official authority against that person.

588.    None dies, See with your inner eye. Then you realise that you are God, and not different from Him. Like wornout garment, the body is cast-away by God.

589.    Nana, you stay here, bury Me and then go.

590.    Nana, is thirsty. The heat of the summer is very great. Should we not give him at least a palm of water ?

591.    Nana, you were thirsty. I gave you water, Did you drink it ?

592.    None cares to take from Me what I am prepared to give abundantly. But they want from Me what I am unable to give.

593.    Nevermind, do send for the boy.

594.    Nevermind, Masudi Ayi will tesch you Sanskrit and gradually you will
learn, begin.

595.    No one should leave Shirdi to-day without leave from Me.

596.    Narayan, beat him well, when he comes here. He owes Me three of four thousand rupees and delays payment.

597.    None escapes Samsara.

598.    Now celebrate your son's marriage.

599.    No one comes to us without Runanubhanda (Some prenatal connection) So, when any dog, cat, pig, fly or person approaches, do not drive it or him, away with a" Hat-Hat, "Jit-Jit."

600.    One need not go far out to Dwaraka to see Krishna; to Dankapuri to see Dakurnath, to Pandhari to see Vithal. Will Vithal come here from some outside place? He is here. Only when the devotee is bursting with love and devotion, Vithal will manifest Himself here (Shirdi).

601.    Oh what is there in Akkalkot? why do you go there? The incumbent Maharajah of that place is here, Myself.

602.    Oh. My dear friend, do not be anxious,  I shall immediately show you the

603.    Oh, My dear friend, did you not understand all the procedure that I went through, sitting in this place, for enabling you to see the Brahma?

604.    Our senses have been created by God with a tendency to move outward and so Man always looks outside himself and not inside and he who wants Self-Relization and immortal life, must turn his gaze inwards and look to his inner Self.

605.    Oh, mother, why are you subjecting yourself to unnecessary tortures and meeting death?

606.    Oh, mother, My Guru never taught Me any Mantra, then how shall I blow any Mantra in your ears ?

607.    Once a Soudagar (Merchant) came here. Before him a mare passed her stool (nine balls of stool). The merchant intent on his quest, spread the end of his dhotar and gathered all the nine balls in it and thus, he got, concentration (peace) of mind.

608.    Oh, Abdul, some devilish creature is dashing against the side of My bed.

609.    Oh, Nana, he who has the power to digest union should .eat it and none

610.    Oh, Vile Bhaturdya (priest) do not climb up. Beware if you do so, Get away, come down. Dont; be afraid. Don't care a jot, the Merciful Fakir will save you, you go and sit quiet at home, don't go out, believe in Me and remain fearless and have no anxiety.

611.    Oh Anna, why are unnecessarily raising this hue and cry ? I do not understand what harm or impropriety is there when the mother is kissed?

612.    Oh Shama4this book (Vishnu-Sahasranama) is very valuable and efficacious, so I present it to you, you read it.

613.    Once I suffered intensely and My heart began to palpitate and My life was in danger. At that critical time, 1 hugged this book (Vishnu Sahasranama) to My heart and then, Shama, what a relief it gave Me.

614.    Oh Ramadasi, what is the matter with you? Why are you so turbulent ? Is not Shama our boy ? why do you scold him unnecessarily. How is it that you are so quarrelsome?

615.    Oh Megha, do at least this favour, head is the most important organ of the body, so pour the water over that only, it is equivalent to the full or whole bath.

616.    Oh, Tatya went ahead of us, he won't be reborn.

617.    Offers of bread and food should be regarded as auspicious signs of

618.    Oh, playful Rama, come, come and bring with you sacks of Udhi.

619.    Our Karma is the cause of happiness and sorrow therefore put up with whatever comes to you.

620.    Oh, welcome Sir,.

621.    Oh Shama, during the 72 generations that you are with Me. I never pinched you till now and now you recent My touching you.

622.    Oh Shama, Tatya, you think that I have been deceived in this bargain.

623.    One morning after taking My breakfast I strolled along till I came to a small

624.    Oh, Veerabhadrappa, has not your enemy Basappa yet repented though he has born as a frog, and you too, though born as a serpent, still maintain bitter enmity against him ? Fie upon you, be ashamed, give up your hatred now and rest in peace.

625.    Oh, why do you prostrate yourself now and then?

626.    Oh, Laxmi, I am very hungry.

627.    O, God, Enough. Stop the rain ! My children have to go back home. Let them go back without difficulty (Rain Stopped).

628.    O, Kaanda (i. e.,) onion you eat. Well, here you have onion. Eat it.

629.    Our (your) end will get so bitter or wretched. Once or twice, I will warn. The end will be hard indeed if one does not heed the advice given. Even the child in the womb, we will cut to pieces and through away if it falls athwart.

630.    One's sin (papa) does not cease till he falls at the feet of Sadhus.

631.    One must perform one's vow. Else he has to bear the punishment in the

632.    One must rest content with one's lot.

633.    On this side of   my body there   is excruciating pain.   It will be alright in two or four days.

634.    Poverty is better than kingship, far better than Lordship. The Lord is always brother (befriender) of the poor.

635.    Purification of mind is absolutely necessary, with­out it all our spiritual endeavors are nothing but useless show and pomp.

636.    Practice meditation thrice a day on the Gadd.

637.    Place or keep me in the wada.

638.    Protect my body for three days.

639.    People mostly think ill and talk ill of others. But I do not retaliate, I do not care to listen such talks.

640.    People became more and more ascetical, they are disposed to look more at the evil side of things.

641.    People are not good and devoted and are unsettled in mind.

642.    People have gone bad and give trouble. They are pestering me for money. Morever, they became shameless. Now I am disgusted.

643.    People must put full faith in the Lord's providence. They should not worry about food and clothing. They should not waste time on these.

644.    Prepare pitla, sauce of onions. Give me a part and eat the rest of it.

645.    Plants bend when they have fruits.

646.    Purandhare. Stay two days at Nasik and then leave.

647.    People rush and give me no rest.

648.    Please go there (Masjid) quickly and cover me with Bhakkal flowers.

649.    Rama (the God of Hindus) and Rahim (the God of Mohammedans were one and the same, there was not the slightest difference between them; then why should their devotees fall out and quarrel among themselves. You ignorant folk, children, join hands and bring both the communities together, act sanely and thus you will gain your object of national unity. It is not good to dispute and argue. So don't argue, don't emulate others. Always consider your welfare and interest. The Lord will protect you.

650.    Rare is the person who comes here to me and asks for Brahma Gnana.

651.    Roll up your bundle of Brahma, (i.e.) Currency notes.

652.    Remember me always, believe in me heart and soul and then you will be most benefited.

653.    Read this (Gita Rahasya by Lokamanya Tilak) completely and you will be

654.    Return this to its owner with the prasad of udi, tell him that T want nothing from him, ask him to live in peace and contentment.

655.    Relaying on your own cleverness, you missed your way, a guide is always necessary to show us the right way in small or great matters.

656.    Read Adhyatma (spiritualism).

657.    Remain here not a moment.

658.    Rao Bahadur M. V. Pradhan. You can bring in Ganapathy for worship.

659.    Rouge (Kusha Bhav) why do you eat the vomit?

660.    Rouge (A Revenue commissioner and a host of other officials were on the way to see Baba). What is there to see in me? I am only a Fakir with normal limbs and organs.

661.    Restrain yourself from forbidden food and drinks.

662.    Restrain lust. Wholly in respect of others wives and partly in respect of your own wife.

663.    Strive not much for food and clothes. If you want anything, beg of the Lord, leave worldly honour, try to get Lord's grace and blessings and be honoured in His Court.

664.    See, how I have to suffer for my devotees, their difficulties are Mine.

665.    Stay, cast off your anxiety, your sufferings have come to an end. However oppressed one may be, as soon as he steps in the Masjid, he is on the path way to happiness.

666.    Saburi will ferry you across the sea of this mundane existence.

667.    Saburi is manliness in man, it removes all sins and afflictions, gets rid of calamaties in various ways and caste aside all fear and ultimately gives you success.

668.    Saburi is the mine of   virtues, consort of good thoughts.

669.    Shri Hari (God) will be certainly pleased if you give water to the thirsty, bread to the hungry, clothes to the naked and your verandah to strangers for sitting and resting.

670.    See, Sankar is come, protect (i.e. worship) Him now.

671.    Seeing my cleverness, the employer loved me, praised me and Honoured me with a full dress, a turban for the head and a shela for the body etc.

672.    Still you disbelieve me.

673.    See, our Bahu is alright now and singing.

674.    Sometimes he dropped the burdens and other times carried them again. His mind knews no steadiness.

675.    Seeing his state, a took pity on him and said "Now keep your faith on any one place (point) you like" why roam like this? Stick quietly to one place.1

676.    Shama, this is rolling, see what it says.

677.    She will have an issue in 12 months.

678     See to keep my words, I would sacrifice my life.

679.    She told her vision to her husband. He was afraid that it would involve him in some expenses and therefore laughed it out saying that it was a mere dream, a thing not to be relied and acted upon, or else why did not God appear to him and tell him ? was he far off from her? This looks like a bad dream having for its object the crea­tion of ill feeling between husband and wife.

680.    She had to remain quiet.

681.    Some days after, God again appeared in her dream and said "Do not bother yourself about your husband and the collections with him. Don't press him to spend any amount for the temple. What I want is feeling and devotion. So give, if you like, anything of your own.

682.    She consulted her husband about this vision and decided to give God her ornaments given by her father.

683.    She was not able to redeem it for long.

684.    So this cunning miser cheated all, his wife, Dubaki and even God:

685.    Sometime later on strange things happend.

686.    She was growing fast and her father was seeking a good husband for her.

687.    Sow morgosa and afterwards reep margosa. Cut off that tree.

688.    Seva is not rendering service, retaining still the feeling that one is free to offer or refuse service. One must feel that he is not the Master of his body, that the body is Guru's and exists merely to render service to Him.

689.    Stay (Santharam and a goldsmith boy who were addicted to drink) here for six days (From that time love of drink left them and they continued free from that vice even after they left Shirdi).

690.    Satsanga (i.e.) moving with good. Dussanga (i.e.) moving with evil minded
people is evil and must be avoided.

691.    Shama, in bringing this thief, to me, what a load of responsibility you are placing on My shoulders.

692.    See, Re. 1/- is in your pocket. You must give Re. I/- to a "Fakir".           

633.    Some sense is required to ask questions. What a silly question you ask ? I look on all with equal eye.

694.    Some cover with laced shawls. Others with barks. Both serve only one purpose, covering the body.

695.    Samsara is of various sorts. It is like the surface of the body.

696.    See the difference between the rich man's dog rolling on sofa and the poor man's dog running about in search of crumbs. That is due to Deha Prarabdha.

697.    Shama, take this man and tell something.

698.    Stop, let the creature remain. I will kill it my­self but not at the Mosque (Baba carried it a few yards and it fell dead).

699.    Save the child's life (By giving udi).

700.    Send up Sankaranthi Halwa now.

701.    Shama, go out, beyond the wall there is an old man sitting and he has some sugar candy with him. Beg of him some candy for me and bring him.

702.    Sparrows (Devotees) now nesting (1912) on the Nimbar of the Mosque once nesting there and eaten away by a snake. But they were again born as sparrows and nested in the same place.

703.    Those who are attached to me heart and soul, will naturally feel happiness when they hear My stories.

704.    The pride and the egoism of my devotees will vanish, the mind of the hearers will be set at rest and if it has whole hearted and complete faith, it will be one with Supreme consciousness.

705.    The simple remembrance of My name "Sai-Sai" will do away with sins of speech and hearing

706.    There will never be any dearth or scarcity re­garding food and clothes in my devotees homes.

707.    Though I have become a Fakir ? have no house or wife, and though leaving off all cares, I have stayed at one piece, the inevitable Maya teases me very often. Though I forget Myself, I cannot forget Her. She always envelops me. This Maya (illusive power) of the Lord (Shri Hari) teases even God Brahma and others; then what to speak of a poor Fakir like me ? Those who take refuge in the Lord will be freed Her clutches with his grace.

708.    Those who are fortunate and whose demerits have vanished take to My

709.    The Fakir here is very kind and he will cure the disease and protect all with love and kindness.

710.    The lizard is overjoyed as her sister is coming from Aurangabad to see

711.    There is no dearth of persons asking for worldly things, but as persons interested in spiritual matters are very rare. I think it a lucky and auspicious moment when persons like you come and press me for Brahma Gnana.

712.    There are two sorts of things viz. the Good and the pleasant. Both these approaches man for acceptance. He has to think and choose one of them. The wise man prefers the good to the pleasant but the unwise, through greed and attachment chooses the pleasant and thereby cannot gain Brahma Gnana or self-realisation.

713.    The path of Brahma Gnana or self realisation is as hard as to tread on the edge of a razor.

714.    The body is the chariot and the Self is its Master, intellect is the Charioteer and the mind is the reins, the sense are the horses and sense objects their paths. He who has no understanding and whose mind is unrestrained, his senses unmanageable like the vicious horse of the charioteer, does not reach his destination (get realisation) but goes through the round of births and deaths; but he who has understanding and whose mind is restrained, his senses being under control like the good horse of a charioteer reaches that place, (i.e.) the state of self-realisation.

715.    The man who has understanding as his chario­teer (guide) and is able to rein his mind, reaches the end of the journey, which is the supreme abode of the all-pervading Vishnu (Lord).

716.    The idea that "I am the Body" is a great delusion and attachment to this idea is the cause of bondage. Leave off this idea and the attachment therefore, if you want to get the goal of "Self-Realisation"

717     The knowledge of the Self is subtle and mystic, that no one could by his own individual effort ever hope to attain it., So, the help of another person-Teacher, who was Himself got Self realisation is absolutely necessary.

718.    The Self cannot be obtained by the study of vedas nor by intellect, nor by much learning and he to whom the Self chooses, by him it is gained and to him the self reveals its nature.

719.    The illusion of attachment, or the love for money is a deep eddy (whirlpool) of pain, full of crocodiles in the form, of conceit and jealousy and he who is desire-less can alone cross this whirlpool.

720.    The teachings of a Guru are of no use to a man who is full of egoism and who always thinks about the sense objects.

721.    Take pity on me and hear me through, I tell you my own story, which if you listen carefully will do you good.

722.    To get the knowledge (realisation) of the Self, Dhyana (Meditation) is

723.    The mother tortoise is on one bank of the river and her young ones are on the other side. She gives neither milk nor warmth to them. Her mere glance gives them nutrition. The young ones do nothing but remember (meditate) upon their mother. The tortoise glance is, to the young ones, a downpour of nectar, the only source of sustenance and happiness. Similar is the relation between the Guru and the disciples.

724.    The sense of differentiation, as I and thou, is the barrier that keeps away the disciple from his master and unless that is destroyed the state of union or at-one ment is not possible.

725.    The path of this place is not so easy as the tea­chings of the Kanarese saint Appa or even as the buffalo-ride in the Nhane Ghat.

726.    There are nine types of Bhakti (viz) (1) Shrava-nam (Hearing) (2) Kirtan (Praying); (3) Smarana (Remembering); (4) Padasevan (Resorting to the feet); (5) Archana (Worship); (6. Namaskara (Bowing); (7) Dasya (service); (8) Sakyatva (friendship); (9) Atmanivedan (Surrender) (of the Self). If anyone of these is faithfully followed, Lord Hari will be pleased and manifest Himself in the home of the devotee.

727.    The world is all depended on Him, and no one is independent. So we
should pity and love creatures, leave off adventurous fights and killings and be patient.

728.    The Lord (God) is the Protector of all.

729.    This fellow (Annasaheb) has got the bad habit of eating alone. To day is a bazar day and he came chewing grams. I know his habit and these grams are a proof of it. What wonder is there in the matter ?

730.    The shet (Damu Anna) has gone mad; write to him in reply that nothing is wanted in his house, let him be content with the half-loaf (bread) be has now and let him not bother himself about lakhs.

731.    These four fruits are for Damu Anna. Let them be there.

732.    The food is really extraordinary. In former birth, this lady was a merchant's fat cow yielding much milk. Then she disappeared and took birth in a gardener's family, then in Kshatriya family and married a merchant. Then she was born in a Brahmin family.

733.    This was a true devotee of mine.

734.    Tell your son to believe in me, to through aside horoscopes and predictions of astrologers and palmists and go on with his studies. Let him appear for the examina­tion with a calm mind, he is sure to pass this year. Ask him to trust in me and not gat disappointed.

735.    The value of that rupee for exceeds 25 rupees. Shama, take this rupee, let us have it in our store, keep this in your shrine and worship it

736.    The Lord runs and helps him who remembers and meditates on him with love and devotion.

737.    Where (in my Guru's school) I forgot my parents, all my attachment was snapped and I was liberated easily.

738.    There are other schools where you see an altogether different spectacle.

739.    The disciple go there (to the school of other type of Guru) to seek knowledge and spend their money, time and labour, but ultimately they have to repeat.

740.    The Guru (the other type of Guru) makes a show of his sacredness and Holiness, but he is not tender at heart:

741.    The Guru (the other type of Guru) there bosts of His secret knowledge and his straight forwardness.

742.    The Guru (my Guru) alone knows how the topsy turvey suspension "with head down and feet up" can give happiness.

743.    The employer was very much pleased with me. Three other boys worked before me. The first got Rs 5G/-the second Rs. 100/- and the third Rs. ISO/- and I was given twice the whole of this amount viz. Rs. 600/-.

744.    The skill of my Fakir, the Leela of my Bhagwan, aptitude of my Sircar is quite unique.

745.    Take a little rest and stop at Jamner on your way home and give the Udi and arti to Nanasaheb,

746.    This is no Masjid, but Dwarawati.

747.    Those who resort to this Masjid shall never suffer anything in this life and to the end of time; be now care free.

748.    Tell him to be fearless.

749.    The true remedy is, that the result of our past actions has to be suffered
and got over.

750.    Take off that bandage or else you will die-Now a crow will come and peck you and then you will recover.

751     There was a fickle-minded gentleman. He has health and wealth and was free from both physical and mental afflictions, but he took on him needless anxieties and wandered hither and thither, thus losing his peace of mind.

752.    The donor gives (i.e.) sows his seeds, only to reap a rich harvest in future.

753.    The best wav to receive is to give.

754.    The giving of Dakshina advances vairagya (non-attachment) and thereby Bhakti and Gnana.

755.    The Masjidmayi (the presiding deity of the Masjid) call for the debt, the donor pays it and becomes free.

756.    Then why did be call me at all.

757.    Tell him that he thought that the Sanyasi came to ask for subscription money; did I not remove his doubt in this respect and did I not say that I would come with two others, and did not the trio come in time and take their meals ?

758.    There is nobody here, you are the only thief, so grey haired and old, you came here for stealing.

759.    Then when are you going to understand the pothi ?

760.    They were uterine brothers, loving each other at first, but later on, they became enemies.

761.    The elder brother was an idle fellow while the younger one was an active chap and earned a lot of money.

762.    The former became greedy and jealous and wanted to kill his brother and
take away his money.

763.    They forget their fraternal relations and began to quarrel with each other.

764.    The elder brother resorted to many devices to kill his younger brother, but
all his attempt failed.

765.    Thus they became deadly enemies and finally on one occasion the elder
brother gave a deadly blow with a big stick on the latter's head while the latter struck the former with an axe, with the result they both fell dead on the spot.

766.    There was a foot path and a cart track sheltered by shady trees.

767.    The breeze was also blowing gently.

768.    Then he smoked and handed over the pipe to me and said that he would
go in person and see for himself.

769.    There was an ancient holy place sanctified by a temple of Mahadevabout
4 or 5 miles from my place.

770.    The temple was old and dilapidated.

771.    The residents of the place collected funds for its repairs.

772.    The people went to him and said that unless he lent his helping hand and
tried, his best, the work would not be complete.

773.    They requested him to work out the scheme and again collected
subscriptions and sent the amount to him.

774.    The miser felt disconcerted and decided to cheat even God in this item.

775.    The wife agreed to this.

776.    The field or land was not his own, it belonged to one poor women named
Dubaki who mortgaged it to him for Rs 200/-.

777.    The land was sterile, uncultivated and worth nothing and yielded nothing
even in best seasons.

778.    Thus ended this transaction and the land was given in the possession of
the poor priest who was pleased with the endowment.

779.    There was a terrific storm and heavy downpour of rain, lightning struck the
house of the miser, when he and his wife both dead.

780.    The woman Dubaki (the mortgager) was born as a male in the family of
the Gurav of the temple and was named Chenbassappa.

781.    The priest was a friend of Mine, he often came to me, chatted and smoked
with me,

782.    Then there came a poor boy named Veera-badrappa of their caste
            wandering and begging his bread to the priest house.

783.    Then he came to me for consultation.

784.    Then that night Gowri had a vision. Mahadev appeared in her dream and
said, "The whole money is yours, do not give anything to anybody. Spend some amount for the temple purposes in consultation with Cheabasappa and if you want to use it for some other purpose consult Baba in the Masjid (Myself).

785.    The latter (Chenbasappa) was timid, be caught my feet and sought my

786.    Then after sometime Veerabadrappa died and was born as a frog.

787.    This fellow blames me and   charges  me with killing_his son.

788.    These feet are old and Holly, you are care free now, place entire faith in
me and you will soon get your object.

789.    The one Namaskar offered with love and hu­mility is enough.

790.    Take the coconut, put it in your wife's oti (Upper fold of her sari) and go
away at ease without the least anxiety.

791.    The mind will get steady and calm slowly and gradually.

792.    The eyes may do their work, why should you feel shy and tottering ?

793.    To day many of My Durbar people are coming.

794.    These are my Durbar people to whom I referred before.

795.    This is my Shimollangam (Crossing the border).

796.    The appeasement of the dog's hunger is the same as mine.

797.    The dog has got a soul the creatures may be different but hunger of all is
the same, though some speak and others are dumb.

798.    The whole world desolate to him without me, he tells no stories but mine.

799.    The times are degenerating.

800.    They (Padukas) are nice. Keep them in Puja.

801.    Take this coin home. Keep it in your Puja along with the images you

802.    This brick is my Guru's gift, my life companion.

803.    There was a struggle between two parties.

804.    That was the contention between them.

805.    Then I quietly moved up and carried it away.

806.    They found their wealth was gone and began to mourn and lament.

807.    The pot is mine.   I am the Pot's.

808     The good and the wicked alike come here. Why draw their frailties and
foibles to public notice by depicting them.

809.    The wise one do not grieve for death, the fools do.

810.    The body is made   up of earth.    See,   really they are the same.

811.    To you,   my word   looks   like   chamatkars, because you do not know
the future.

812.    Tell him not to have any anxiety.   He will be acquitted in the appeal.

813.    They wanted to take down my children from the train.   I asked the
commander to let them come to me.

814.    This cunning man spice a rat under me.

815.    That man is not yet ready to deliver your goods.

816.    This peda is from Pandharpur and it has been specially brought for me.

817.    These three days I have been nothing with amu­sement that you are each
time giving your own Dakshina, hiding in your pocket the rupee delivered to you by the lady, will you give it ?

818.    The trouble (Asthama) breathing hard, Allah has given me. It will pass
away in 2 or 4 days.

819.    This is a person, who has had integrity and purity in his previous births.

820.    There are thousands of persons. I do not send for them. You and I are
intimate for four Janmas. You do not know it. But I do. Be coming to me when time permits.

821.    This man has left a box (spiritual wealth) with us and now wants it back. It
is not proper to refuse.

822.    The tiger's debt to you (to a performer whose tiger died) incurred in a
former birth is now cleared.

823.    This is prepared with great devotion. Let her thus garland my photo every
week in your house.

824.    Tell that man Chinthamani Rao, that, if he marries again, he will have one
son and one daughter.

825.    Take this packet of udi and give it to a man who will meet you in the train
and ask you just a span of space to sit.

826.    Take it (Summon from a Magistrate's court) and throw it into the fire.

827.    The world is funny. All are my subjects. I look upon all with equal eye. But
some turn, thieves. What can I do for them ? People at the death's door plot against the life of others. These offend and hurt me much.

828.    There is rinanubandah, mutual obligations between us. Our families have
been interlocked by mutual obligations for centuries, say of a thousand years, so there is no difference between you and me.

829.    There is no other superior here (to you except me) Take food and go in
the afternoon.

830.    The worldly man is forcibly drawn to it, as he believes it to be true

831.    This joy and this sorrow is due to opinion, which is mere illusion and is

832.    The "Shadripus" is Lust, Anger, Covetousness, Delusion, Pride and
Jealously) are all delusive.

833.    They make the unreal appear as real.

834.    The wise should be cheerful and contented with their lot in life as it is the
result of Deha Prarabadha.

835.    Towards, Saints, be humble.   Respect  them.

836.    The world perishes no doubt, but while it lasts, wealth is a real necessity,
as bile is for health.

837.    This samsara is not mine,  but God's.   Think thus all the time you are

838.    The world is my abode.

839.    The world is mutable, evanescent.

840.    This Deha Prarabdha is the result of the Karma done by you in former

841.    This body was therefore born.

842.    The Jiva takes birth in body to work out for­mer Karma.

843.    Tell the boys that no photo should be taken.

844.    That Fakir is kind to all.

845.    This stack alone will be burnt.

846.    Take these people up (They were given accommodation upstairs).

847.    That man has Rs. 2-8-0, borrow it from him.

848.    This is not given you for keeping.

849.    Take a tongaand go to Rahata and bring Kushalchand.

850.    Take back the rest of the Candy.

851.    This sister is my sister for 7 Janmas. Wherever I go, she seeks me out.

852.    The Masjid Collapsed, all the oilmen and the grocers of Shirdi teased me
a lot, so I leave the place.

853.    Unless a man feels disgusted with the things, emoluments and honours
which his actions would bring in this world and the next, he has no right to enter the spiritual realm.

854.    Unless a man turned away from wickedness and stopped from doing
wrong and has entirely composed himself and unless his mind is at rest he cannot gain self realisation even by means of knowledge.

855.    Unless a man leads a life of truth, penance and insight, a life of celibacy,
he cannot get God-realisation.

856.    Unless a man discharges satisfactorily and disinterestedly, the duties of
his station in life, his mind will not be purified.

857     Unless his mind is purified, he cannot get self realisation.

858.    Unless egoism is dropped, avarice got rid of and the mind made desireless (pure), Self realisation is not possible.

859.    Unless you get rid completely of your avarice or greed, you will not get the
real Brahma.

860.    Unless there is some realationship or connection nobody goes any where.

861.    Unless he wills it, no one meet us on the way.

862.    Unless God wills it, nobody can do any harm to others.

863.    Unless you have given it before you do not get it now.

864.    Unrully buffaloes are controlled by tying a log to their neck as a clog to their movements Viveka(i.e.) (Prudence and discrimination) must be tied to one's mind when sex attracts.

865.    Virakthi or feeling of disguest with the things of this world and the next is a path for Brahma-Gnana.

866.    Veerabhadrappa scolded his wife (Gouri) and she came to me at noon and requested me not to mind the words of others and not discard her as she was my daughter.

867.    Veerabhadrappa got wild and angry and threatened to kill Chenbasappa
cutting him to pieces.

868.    Vasudeva Kaka was (in his past Janma) a Rajput named Jai Singh Whose
daughter turned out bad and became the mistress of a Barwar.

869.    What did you bring for me ? Did not the mother (Mrs. Tarkhad) give some
sweet meat to you for me at the time of your starting?

870.    Why do you brag and fancy yourself great and pose yourself as an old
Hazi ?

871.    Woman and wealth are the two main obstacles in the way of our "Paramartha (Spiritual life).

872.    Worship me always, who is seated in your heart as well as in the hearts of all beings.

873.    Well, bridegroom', where are you going dressed so beautifully like this ? "For making a kirtan was the reply", Why do you want all these paraphernilia-Coat-Uparani and pheta etc. doff all that before me. Why wear them on the body.

874.    What others cannot give with great labour and pains, can be easily gained
with the help of such a teacher for he has walked himself on the path and can easily take the disciple, step by step on the ladder of spiritual progress.

875.    When the Lord is pleased with any body, he gives him Viveka and Vairagya and takes him safe beyond the ocean of mundane existence.

876.    Well Sir. there is in your pocket the Brahma (or Mammon) in the form of
fifty times five 250 rupees, please take that out.

877.    Where there is greed   there   is no   room for thought or meditation of the

878.    When I looked at my Guru, he seemed as if he was in deep meditation
and then we both filled with bliss.

879.    Without my Guru, I felt restless.

880.    Wonderful is the story. How were you blessed ? I would like to know every
            thing in detail from you, so tell me all about it.

881.    What Appa told you was alright, but these spiritual things have to be
practiced and lived.

882,    What is wanted is loving devotion.

883.    What does this Nana Say ? He foretells death to you. Well, you need not be afraid. Tell him boldly "Let us see how death kills".

884.    What are you thinking of. Go on strike. Stop. How Cruel you are' Being a
brahmin, you are killing a goat ?

885.    What does he write and what does he plan ? It seems that he wants to catch at the sky and that he is not content with what god has given him.

886.    What sort of Ratnadasi vou are; you ought to be indifferent to all things.

887.    What worth is your book (Vishnusahasranama) Shama had no concern with it.

888.    Where was the necessity of the darshan by taking a loan from a Marwari ? Is the heart's desire now satisfied ?.

889.    What more do you want ?

890.    What do you say, I am old ? just run a race with me and see.

891.    Why should it be returned to him ? We should keep it ourselves. If he gives Rs. 25/- for it, it will be returned.

892.    Wealth and prosperity are transient and the body is subject to decay and

893.    While meditating on my Guru, my mind and intellect were stunned and had thus to keep quiet and bow to him in silence.

894.    Where is the necessity of fasting?

895.    When I was a youngster (In previous Janma), I was in search of bread and I went to Beedgaum.

896.    What about me ? Body (earth) will mix with earth, breath with air. This time
won't come again. I go some where, sit some where, the hard Maya troubles me much, still I feel anxiety for my men.

897.    We come here (in this world) alone and we have to go out alone.'

898.    Why should he suffer , for ten births? - In ten days he can work out the
sufferings and consequence of his past Karma.

899.    While I am here to give him temporal and spiritual welfare, why should he
pray for death.

900.    Why care for the fever and bubos ?

901.    Wealth should be the means to work out Dharma.

902.    Who can speak of Advaita while remaining in Dwaita ?

903.    Write to him a pleasing reply that three of us (Trio) myself, yourself and the third will go and attend it.

904.    While reading, you make haste, Read i,t before me in my presence.

905.    When I go to sleep, I often ask . Mhalasapathy to sit by my side, place his
hand on my heart and-watch the "Chanting of the Lord's name" there and if he finds toe sleepy, wake me up. He can't do even this.

906.    When I feel his hand heavy as a stone on my heart and cry out "Oh
bhagat", he moves and opens his eyes.

907     What (whether good, or bad) 13 ours, is with us and what is another's is
with him.

908.    We have to reap now the fruit of what we sow (do) in our past life and
there is no use in crying out.

909.    With my consent, Gouri was given in marriage to him. ^

910.    While I was thus talking, both Veerabhadrappa and Chenbasappa came
there quarrelling.

911.    Why does this   fellow   come to   the   Masjid and Cry ?

912.    Why take darshan of one who flies a flag over his Masjid ?

913.    When the front door was open, why go by the back one ?

914.    When the heart is pure, there is no difficulty what so ever.

915.    Why should one afraid of anyone if there is no evil thought in us.

916.    Why do you take the doership of actions on you?

917.    We are acquinted with each other for the last sixty generations.

918.    Why do you grieve for nothing?

919.    Why do you say "God-God"? God is in my pocket.

920.    Who so ever burns incense at this, my Guru's Tomb under Gode Neem after cleaning it with cow dung at sunset on Thursdays and Fridays, will obtain this bliss of God.

921.    What! "you have come here so far to your Guru?" and are you now
descending to Hell ? what excellent course!

922.    What is to   be done ?   Each gets   what each chooses.

923.    We should be honest, upright and virtuous.

924.    We must distinguish right from wrong.

925.    We must each attend to his own duty.

926.    We have nothing to do with the spirits. Am I not inside of all them ? Bhutas
etc., do nothing (no harm} to us.

927.    When you come next, come two of you.

928.    Will you sit idle (merely) eating your food? Have Saburi (Patience and

929.    What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get.

930.    Why are you fearing? Those who are gone, are gone. Be contended with
those who survive. Fear not, Am I not near you? What then?

931.    Why should you be sorry? (for the death of your father). In five months he will come back.

932.    What I say happens.

933     Where will your money go ? Sit quiet at home. It will come.

934.    What ? have you got puffed up ? Where was there any male progeny in your destiny ? I tore this body (pointing to Sai's body) and gave you one.

935.    Wait, you will not listen to me while things are thus (Smooth running).

936.    When you undertake anything, carry it out thoroughly, or do not undertake

937.    What liars some people are ! They set apart Rs. 2/- in their pockets to be pay to the Fakir. Why then pay only Re. l/- now ? If money is required for the travelling expenses, is there not plenty of money in the other pocket ?

938.    Whom has he helped ? It is his own daughter-in-law.

939.    Why talk humbak ? you have Rs. 25/-- left still with you and the money you have written for will arrive presently,

940.    What is to be done ? If a child passes stools upon your leg, do we cut off
the leg ? or the child ? we have to put up with it.

941.    When you were ill, I came to Dhulia. Do you remember ?

942.    What is the matter ? What is it that had happened ? your land is there.
Where is the necessity to go there and see it ?

943.    Who so ever is destined to be struck will struck. Who so ever is to die will
die. Who so ever is to be caressed will be caressed.

944.    Who is whose ? who gives ? Who receives ? None will give timely help. If
you need 1000 rupees 2000 rupees (worth of ornaments), receive if from me.

945.    What is all these ?   What the devil  have I to do with all that ?

946.    What I have spoken, I have spoken everything I have got, has been given.

947.    When ever any idea of joy or sorrow arises in your mind, resist it,   Do not
give   room to it.   It is   pure delusion.

948.    What is the use of irritation at samsara.

949.    Without suffering the results of Prarabdha Karma, you cannot get rid of the

950.    What fun will it be (to me) to stand by and see whole of this (Sai Baba)
body burning on a funeral pyre of cow dung cake fuel ?

951.    What of that, he is my brother.

952.    Wait half an hour, I have to go and beg.

953.    Wait one hour (So saying  Baba passed   on to :the Masjid).

954.    What for have you come ?

955.    What have you brought?   Grapes

956.    Why should any fear when I am here ?

957.    Yoga, sacrifice,   penance,  knowledge   are the .means to attain God.   If
you do not   succeed   in this by any means, vain in your birth.

958.    You are really my mother and I am your child.

959.    You should not speak cuttingly to anyone so-as to hurt you to the quick.

960.    You should always engage yourself in good thoughts and actions, should
do your duties and surrender yourself heart and soul to me.

961.    You need not be afraid of anything.

962.    You should leave off Hath-Yoga Practices, sit quiet and wait (Saburi.

963.    You need not be anxious, there is no difficulty about the matter, the maid
servant of Kaka (Kakasaheb Dixit) will solve your doubts at Vile Parle on your way home.

964.    Yoga practices and studying the scriptures and expounding them are quite
useless unless they are accompa­nied by Bhakti (Devotion).

965.    You will be buying at five seers and selling at seven seers a rupee. So this
business was also given up.

966.    You will hear My bones speaking and discussing your welfare.

967.    You must enjoy the fruit-good or bad of your past actions; if the enjoyment
be incomplete, suicide won't help you.

968.    You have to take another birth and suffer again, so instead of killing
yourself, why not suffer for sometime and finish up your past deeds and be done with it once for all.

969.    You are now quarreling with the boy Shama for a mere book (Vishnu-
Sahasranama). Go, and take your seat, book can be had in plenty for money, but not men, think well and be considerate.

970.    You must suffer the consequences of your actions.

971.    Your store of past merits is considerable, so you have come here.

972.    You thought that I was in Shirdi, with a body composed of the five
elements and three and half cubits in length and not outside it.

973.    You see mysterious in the path. Though I do nothing, they hold me
 responsible for the actions which takes place on account of Adrishta (destiny).

974.    You had no mind to pay, so you were not asked, but if you want to pay
now, you may.

975.    You do away, destroy the Teli's wall (sense of difference) between us, so
            that we can see and meet each other face to face.

976.    You are so long in My Company and how do you behave like this ?      

977.    You stole away My rags without My knowledge.

978.    You fellows, now have a look and decide finally whether I am a Muslim or
Hindu ?

979.    You go and take meal, Arti will wait for you.

980.    You have been feeding Me so well these years.

981.    You mad fellows, you get out, you want to persecute and kill it.

982.    You should not stay even one second at a place where anybody talks ill of
a Saint.

983.    Your servant's servant I am. I am your debtor, I am purified by your
darshan. It is great grace on your part to have given Me the sight of your feet. I am a worm in your excreta (This shows Baba's humility).

984.    You have not given garlic Chatni and bread! And why you have come

985     Yes. when I came, you threw burning fuel at Me.

986.    You will get insult there.

987.    Your number is 114. It will appear in the pass list.

988.    You tack back this Rs. 5/- Keep it carefully. It will be stolen,

989.    Your brother will recover from his insanity.

990.    You are mistaken, you need not come to Me for these ! These are not in
My power (birth of child and death of relatives).

991.    You regard events as proof My miracle working power and you turn your
reverence on to Me, I in turn, turn your reverence to God and see that you are really benefited.

992     Your father-in-law, Buti, will build a temple and you will be in charge of it.

993.    Your wife has a tumour in the neck causing intense suffering.

994.    Yes. You go. Read Jnaneshwari and you will find an order on your table
that you are transfered to Bijapur on promotion.

995.    Yes. You may go via Chitale. But why do you withhold a poor Brahmin's
two annas.

996.    Your Father's money has dropped into the sea. Send him money.

997.    You are a Khatri in your past life, and your present wife and son were of
the weaver (Sali) caste in their past life.

998.    You think you will live if you are away from Shirdi and that you would die if
you stay at Shirdi. That is not so.

999.    You are My child, when strangers are in the company, we keep the
children off.

1000.  Yes. Yes. Everything has been given, what he be, good or bad, he is

1001.  You will have fever. It will last only 8 days. Do not be worried over it.

1002.  Your present condition has been brought by yourself.

1003.  You have done well in coming.

1004.  Your object will be quickly attained.

1005.  You may do it (Satyanarayana puja).

1006.  You had better go now.

1007.  You introduce him to Me ! I have known him for 30 generations.

1008.  You have not recognised Me, I have recognised you thoroughly, I have
been intently thinking for many a year. Now where have you to go or come? If you are unable to do anything, keep quiet. I shall personally accompany you, get a ticket, put you in the train and see that you reach your destination.



PREFLEX (.By the Author)

Now, we have read this book thoroughly and found how the "Leelas" of Shri Sai Baba were ! and also where Rea­lity exists Further, a question may arise in our minds as to know the previous history of Shri Sai Baba. In this as­pect, we are all unfortunate, for none knew His birth, His birth place and parents etc. He first appeared before the villagers of Shirdi in 1854 when He was a boy of sixteen under a Neem tree (now called Baba's Gurusthan). He then disappeared and after three years, He again reappeared with Chand Patil s marriage party and thereon lived at Shirdi till He left His mortal Coil on 15-10-1918 in His own sayings in items 79 and 80 it will be clearly known to us that He was not born to a human being on earth No doubt He is God incarnate came in human body to lead us all in the righteous path to attain the goal of our life.

Thus, Shri Sai Baba lived at Shirdi in mortal body for more than 60 years benefiting His devotees as was read already. Even though, Baba took His Maha Sama-dhi on 15-10-1918, He is still playing His 'Leelas" in His own way to satisfy the needs of His devotees as was assured by Himself in items 59, 566 and 966 of this book. Tho­ugh He has no body now, He lives there and every where and effecting the welfare of His devotees even now as He was doing before when He was embodied. Saints like Sai Baba never die, though they look like men, they are in Reality God Themselves. Was He living because He had the body and was He died because He left it ? No, Shri Sai baba is ever alive for He transcends both life and death. He who loved Him once whole heartedly gets response from Him at any time at any place. Ha is always by our side and will take any form and appear before the devout bhakta and satisfy him

Shri Sai Baba was very fond of remembering God's name,' and fond of oil lights being burnt throughout the day and night and He was very much fond of Annadana to the poor. Even to-day, we may see the Handi used by Shri Sai Baba placed in the show room of Baba's Samadhi Mandir at Shirdi in which Baba Himself prepared food without anybody's help and distributed to all the poor and helpless people to their heart's content. Hence, the devotees should also follow the principles of Shri Sai Baba by surrendering completely to Him and thereby the Chief objects of their life (viz) Dharma (Righteousness), Artha (wealth) Kama (Desire) and Moksha (Deliverance) are easily attained. Apart from these, the devotees may also utilise this book to solve their problems in distress by thinking a number of an item of Baba's sayings in this book and take it as His direction to their problems.

The author kindly requests the readers to have their whole hearted Co-operation to this work and begs for­giveness from those who find any sort of shortcomings or error when reading or otherwise, The author has to interpolate that the credit of writing this book is due to him, but due to the integration of Shri Sivanesan Swamy, a staunch Sai devotee Sevak of 'Shri Sai Baba's Chawadi, Shirdi since 1953 who has induced, inspired and insisted him to write and publish this book and to Sant Janardhanswamy of Ellora who has kindly consen­ted and offered His foreword to this book and also to the Printers Sri laxmi Ganapathy Binding Works, Kovvur, West Godavari District (Andhra Pradesh) who have sincerely, promptly and honestly Co-opera­ted with the author in printing this book. At length, we may finish the reading of this book now, with an aim to read again and again by surrendering ourselves completely to the LOTUS FEET of the Sadguru Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi with the following prayer and gain His blessings.

"Let Sai cult and Sai Leelas spread every where;

Let differences disappear;

Let us see the Unity in the diversity;

Let us see Him in everything and everywhere;

Let Him live in us and guide us;

Let us develop ourselves so".



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