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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Whole chapter of 13th in saisatcharita

The Whole chapter of 13th in saisatcharita is completely devoted to curing and healing of ailments by Baba by only HIS words and Look and not by any medicines.
The people were streaming down towards Baba because they believed that Baba would cure their ailments surely.From Saisatcharita:
Beemajipatel ,a person was suffering from several severe disease tried his level best to cur his disease, but,he lost his hope and now he prayed towards GOD and sought the help of his friend Nanasahebsandorkar .Nana saheb asked him to come to shirdi and come to BABA'S LOTUS FEET.Beemaji patel was brought to Baba's place and Baba told him, 'remove your worries, your worries have come to an end',,the minute you enter dwarka maye you are protected and asked him to stay ina place and with two dreams HE Healed his disease From that day onwards Beemaji patel started coming to shirdi as BABA saved his life.So with shraddha and sabhudi he started sai satya virad pooja in his house.
Balaganpathshimpi--Another devotee was suffering from malaria was asked to give curd rice to a black dog near Lakshmi Temple and to his surprise he was recovered from malaria.
Babu saheb booty--suffering from vomiting diarrehea was cured by Baba mere words only---'''now listen -HE just said only that.dont come out, vomiting should stop' ---HERE SEE THE STRENGHTH OF BABA'S WORDS --- BOOTYS AILMENT IS CURED.
ALAND SWAMI-suffering from ear pain was treated by BABA by telling ALLA ACCHA SUREKA and thus BABA'S WORDS HAVE MORE POWERS
kakamahajani---suffering from diareaha was treated by giving him groundnut and thus Baba's word only cured him here.


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