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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Before you sleep,if you have read the CHAVIDI PROCESSION OF SAIBABA in Sai Satcharita

Before you sleep,if you have read the CHAVIDI PROCESSION OF SAIBABA in Sai Satcharita or seen it Shirdi,where it is bieng enacted evry Thursday,Assimalate it as if you are a part of it and then sleep,it hardly takes 2 minutes,Sai will reside in you and solve your next days problems if any,
Om Sairam Thanks for evrything....
Evry alternate day ,Sai used to sleep in the chavadi,So devoteest used to perform bhajan in Dwarakamai for a few hours,Behind them was a Beautifull palaquin,to the right a Tulsi Vrindavan,and in front Baba Adorned his seat,and then Tatya Patil used to come with a group of men to Baba and used tohelp him toget up by putting his arm under Baba's arm.sai used to kindle the dhuni to make it burn low put out the diya and the amid chanting and jaykars ,The fully decorated horse shama karna led the way.In this manner the procession reached Chavadi and other devotees used to line up and started towards chavadi. from Dwarakamai ,Then all sorts of musical Instruments,band and horns etc gave out different sounds and fireworks exhibited various coloured views.some danced with joy and some carried various flags. On reaching the corner Baba stood facing the Chavadi with a concentrated mind. Sai used to raise his hand up and down a few times ,Kaksaheb Dixit at this time came forword with a silver plate containing flowers mixed with gulal and Threw them on Babas body off and this the whole procession reached Chavadi, The Chavadi was fully Decorated with good white ceiling,mirrors and many sorts of lamps,There a an Asan was spread and placing a Bolster Baba was made to sit and made to wear an angharka (coat)where they used to be waiting with chandan,and then apply chandan and give arati to Baba.Nanasaheb held the chaitra,Bapusaheb washed his feet offered Arghya and worsip with Due Rituals and offered himTambul( betel leaves) Shyama then prepared the chillum and handed it over to Baba after that the chillum was smoked by Sai it was passed around and naivedya was offered,after it was over one by one took leave of him,then he used to prepare bed with 50 or 60 chaddars and then tell Tatya to go if he wanted but return sometime at night and enquire for him.


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